Burn Out in Children

Recognizing ‘Burn out’ in your child is very important. It’s easy to see it in adults because being stressed is just apart of adulthood. A child who loves their sport dreams about it, worries about it, get’s upset about it, works at it and lives it. Not to different from what we adults do everyday. So lets think about what we do when we are stressed out: Our eating habits and sleep patterns change, our emotions become unpredictable, our pain response never fits the injury, and nothing makes us happy. This is your child suffering ‘Burn out’....more

Cheater, Cheater

I try to cheat in poker, and my husband is ready to call the PoPo. My daughter cheats and it’s just adorable. At what age does cheating stop being cute? I mean, when do I have to stop pretending that she climbed UP a SLIDE in Chutes and Ladders? When do I get to stop skipping my turn, so she can win? When do I get to sound like a spoiled sport and shout “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater”? (What the heck does that mean, anyway.) ...more

Athletic Scholarships: Awarded to Students, Earned by Parents

I remember sitting in a college classroom and listening to my fellow students debate the good and the bad of athletic scholarships. On one side were the athletes and on the other were…well…everyone else....more