Woman vs. Wild

Gynecology is filled with fun and satisfying procedures. Of course, there are those cases that are technically difficult, (i.e. tumor debulkings, vaginal hysterectomies) that make you embrace the title of surgeon. But gynecology is also a land mine of small procedures that are fun in the same way as zit popping. Quick and satisfying. ...more

What Color Is Your Labia?

January is "make over your life!" month. Pages and pages of self-improvement schemes are clogging the cloud with their vision for change.  Kate Gosselin's straw head makeover is inexplicably everywhere including on CBS's morning show (here on You Tube)....more

Sooner or later, I bet some enterprising individual is going to try selling ass ...more

The Loss of the Yearly Pap Smear

by Dr. Elizabeth Poynor...more

Ten Myths about "Bio-Identical" Hormones

by Lauren Streicher, M.D.Bioidentical is not a scientific term. It is a term made up by savvy market research gurus to describe certain plant-derived hormones distributed by compounding pharmacies. The use of the word” bioidentical” is brilliant....more

A Holiday To Hope

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more