My Blog Was Hacked

Hacked By A Trumpster?...more

New Updates: Both LinkedIn and eHarmony Hacked

Reports that a hacker may have made off with 6.5 million passwords on LinkedIn are surfacing this morning. The story originated from a Russian forum, to which a user posted some encrypted passwords as part of a claim to have hacked into the site. A security breach hasn't been confirmed by LinkedIn yet, but sources such as Business Insider are suggesting that you change your password. ...more
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My Blog Has Been Deleted!!! Please help me. Anyone?

I appeal to anyone who can help me recover my three blogs.  They were all deleted and I could not access anymore.  I feel so lost.  I feel that my life has been erased.   I use blogger for three of these blogs :  Catwife in Bkk, Catwife in Sing and Just Add Inspiration.    ...more

They are back today, a little worse for wear.

Go change every password you have everywhere on ...more