Hacking the CEO with Social Media

If the super big wigs could get their social media accounts hacked, you can too. If you can believe it, the Twitter accounts of the following were recently hacked:Google CEO Sundar PichaiYahoo CEO Marissa MayerOculus CEO Brendan IribeTwitter co-founder Jack DorseyShouldn’t these CEOs know how to prevent getting hacked? One little slip could let in the cybercriminals: reusing the same password....more

Mobile SIMs Hacks Cause Concern

A crook can steal your identity by taking control of your wireless phone account—by pretending to be you in person at the mobile store. The villain can then buy pricey mobiles and sell them—and guess who gets the bill but not the profit.Symptoms of Hijacked Account...more

Is technology turning us into bad people?

Trolls, flamers, keyboard warriors, spammers, online scammers, hackers - these are just some of the many people I don't want to meet online. They do have one thing in common: They all need the internet to do bad things to good people.Is technology really turning us into bad people? Tech is making our lives easier and more convenient, yes, but is it also making it so easy for us to do bad things?...more
I've thought about this before, but you could also argue that technology makes us safer. It's ...more

Hacking Humans is Painfully Easy

Hackers can take over someone’s life in a matter of hours. Just ask Patsy Walsh....more

Hackers hacking Banks big time

“Anonymous” is an activist hacking group that has recently boasted that it will engage in 30 days of cyber assaults against “all central banks,” reports an article on cnbc.com.And their bite is as big as their bark, as this announcement came soon after several major banks around the world were struck—and Anonymous proudly claimed credit. The banks that were apparently breached by Anonymous include:...more

How the FBI hacks You

In a recent Wired.com expose’, they expose how the FBI has been secretly hacking civilian computers for about 20 years, but thanks to Rule 41, their ability to hack has been expanded....more

Beware of Amazon's scary Customer Service Hack

Do you shop at Amazon.com? Are you aware they have a back door through which hackers can slip in?Let’s look at Eric’s experience with hackers and Amazon, as he recounts at medium.com/@espringe....more

Beware of those hackable Holiday Gifts

If you’re going to drone on and on about how you got hacked by a cyber thief, maybe it’s because you played with your new drone—you know, those rad little flying devices that hover via remote control over your street? Yes, they are hackable.If you don’t have a drone, don’t be surprised if you get one as a gift this season, as Americans are spending tens and tens of millions of dollars on them....more

How to prevent your Pics from being lifted: Part 1 of 2

You need not be a celebrity or some big wig to suffer the devastating fallout of your online images (and videos) being stolen or used without your permission.So how does someone steal your image or use it without your permission?Hacking...more