Sexual Healing: My Journey to Fat Acceptance

I finally see myself.            When I was about 14, I was slim and fit, but curvy—except I wasn’t. Like being light-skinned, I just imagined I was. At the time, I was 5’7” and hovered somewhere around 220 lbs. I was used to it; I’ve been fat most of my 27 years of life. However, I have been disconnected from that fat—a part of my body—for most of my life as well....more
It is a complicated issue. We do statistically tend to have higher positive body image, but 1) ...more

Day Four: Hello Energy!

 It’s 8:30 p.m. and my energy is just now really waning.In fact, when my husband and I were talking about going out shopping at about 7, I was DISAPPOINTED when it didn’t happen.This is huge.I don’t go out at night. I just don’t. I’ve blamed it on different things, but truth is that my store of energy only lasts to dusk most days.Not tonight.God, this is HUGE.I have a date to meet my friend Albert at the gym tomorrow. We’re going to lift weights. I’m going to swim a few laps, too. And then I’m going to soak in the hot tub....more

Day Three: Regaining Energy

I spent all day out today. I went shopping after I took Ruby to school, and then a movie (Philomena … so good) and lunch with my friend Brian, then picking kids up.I made sure to eat enough. It would have been easy to skip breakfast this morning, since I left early and knew I was going out to lunch. But I didn’t. I ate a killer blue cheese burger without guilt....more

Day Two: The Sleep/Eat Connection

One of the things I’m paying attention to during this 100 days is sleep and energy level. How easy is it to fall asleep? Do I stay asleep? Am I rested when I wake up? How long does my energy last during the day?...more

Day One: Breakfast Lessons

Technically day four. I started Eating the Food four days ago, but I decided to start counting with day one for blogging/documentation purposes. I do have an observation, though.For three days in a row I had a substantial breakfast with plenty of protein. Today, I got caught up talking to my daughter and the only thing I ate before noon was two chocolate chip cookies my son brought me....more

The First 100 Days

I read Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon three years ago, and it changed my life. I’d been on a diet for more than thirty years. I can remember the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and felt fat. I was eight. I decided to stop eating desserts. I can also remember the first time I hid in the laundry room and shoved Oreo after Oreo in my mouth. It was the same day. ...more

A Conversation About Ditching the Diet Mentality

Sometimes it feels as though I have been on some sort of diet or engaged in an attempt at a lifestyle change everyday of my life....more

Thoughts About Food Trauma and Intuitive Eating

Let me tell you a story about a cheese sandwich.When I was ten, my family took a long summer trip in a big orange van first to Texas to visit my dad's mom and then through Mexico and back to California....more

What if Susan Powter Had Told Us We Could be Athletes?

So, I've been thinking the last few days about athleticism and privilege. When I say that I believe that everyone has a right to athleticism, I mean it. But am I saying it from my nice, secure position as someone who doesn't have to choose between feeding her children or paying her gym membership? After some soul searching, the answer is maybe....more

Why I've Started Keeping a Food Journal

I went back and forth for a while on the idea of keeping a food journal. It's a diet-y thing to do. And I was afraid it would trigger me. Would it be impossible to resist the urge, with all the raw data there, to slip on over to Spark People and enter in what I'd eaten, to get a calorie count? I could already hear the "but I'm just doing it to find out how much fiber I'm eating" voice piping up....more

Thanks :) I write a lot about being a fat athlete, and about intuitive eating on my blog. I hope ...more