Her Bedazzled Trip

Her strides curb to spotBright blooms bedazzled downtownDistracted, she trips...more

Celebrating the birthday of a great author and distant relative, Lucy Maud Montgomery

 Celebrating Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthday with a Haiku: White Way of Delight Fills my heart with happiness We are almost home...more


Moral compass lostAll around arrogance trapRein in attitude https://swritings.wordpress.com/Day 18 NaBloPoMo...more

NaBloPoMo day 3: my feelings

...be positive...the best is yet to come...find me @jonesbabie on Twitter...more

Dark Money Spends

Dark money flows in Crowned, a legend reigns and A wendigo rends ___________ Wednesday, November 5, 2014....more

Voter Lookup: I voted. Now, go cast your vote.

It’s time to care for Your right to choose for, so go...more

Healing with Haiku

There are days that are so intense that they leave me with very few words.  That's when I turn to the haiku with it's spare and frugal honesty. Capitulation Sorry is a wordthat’s tossed around carelesslybefore the bruises show (c) Kelly Tweeddale 2012 Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

Pringles: A Haiku

Weekend lunches at my house aren't grand or fancy. They usually entail some type of sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit. Occasionally I'll get crazy and we will have a fruit and a vegetable, but for the most part our lunches are very ordinary.My favorite part of lunch on the weekends is the conversations that take place. Usually talk turns to politics, troubles in the Mid East, or what we can do to minimize our carbon footprint. We have highly intellectual, highly informed conversations about the day's hottest news topics....more
Hah! It's perfect!more

Hobbit Haiku

Rereading Bilbo Confront Fear, Step Out of Hole A Journey Begins 5/21/12 ...more

Homecoming Haiku

Homecoming Haiku  (inspired by my Jack Russell terrier, Lily) Where have they all gone?Dog’s eyes ask expectantlySoon… all loved ones home 5/12/12...more