All Hail Broke Loose

(originally posted @ My Day Job) I gently planted the heirloom tomato plants, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and spinach in containers.  I brought them inside to protect them from a surprise freeze warning night.  I watched them closely for any signs of pests.  I was getting excited as I noticed some buds and even a few blossoms.  Dreaming of the lovely fresh veggies I would be stepping right out onto the back deck and picking for dinner this summer.  As the rain s...more
't know that tip. Now we used to have a cow..I could visit and get to know a diary farmer near ...more

My (Almost-Tragic) Hail Story

This is a scene from last Monday. Hubs and I are giddy. It is 88', and humid, the kind of humid you complain about in June, July, and August, but in May, it is all good, baby, in fact it is down right sublime. "Give me more of this stuff!" I yell out at the edge of the deck--I am perched there, reveling in the sensation of sweat--and the words fly back at me atop hot, fat wind. See, along with the humidity, the 7:00 night is cooking up a whole mix of tight, angry air....more