My Mother, The Hairdresser

When I was young, my mom worked at the K-mart salon, making a living giving perms to the elderly while they were shopping.  I would go to work with her, watching her flawless beauty as she mingled with clients.  She was elegant then, with long hair that reached the bottom of her shoulder blades in waves like the ocean cascading against the sand....more

How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair: DIY Hot Oil Treatment I have said this in several posts before, and I will say it here again. I Deneé Colleen suffer from extremely dry hair aka dry head. After countless conversations with my close friends (hey boos), I decided to begin the "How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair" series....more

Haircut in My Language

Someone, please tell me:  Why is it so difficult to find a place for a man to get a decent haircut?It’s not like I need a haircut all the time.  I show up for this quarterly, like a corporate financial report.  My father tells me that he is old enough to remember a time when men sat in the barber’s chair on the corner for a touch-up every week.  I have a feeling that the experience was intended to be more social than depilatory....more

The Haircut

FRESNOMy father keeps telling me about how much he likes the work his barber does.  Now, Dad has very little hair left at this point, so it’s not as if I expected his barber to be a corn row connoisseur or a faux hawk aficionado.  But when he told me that his barber charges only four dollars (plus tip), I was sold.  I decided to put up with my sideburns for a couple of months in order to get my ears lowered both competently and cheaply when I headed south to visit my parents for Thanksgiving....more

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair


Bangs..A Modern Love Story

 Yes I recognize that this picture would mislead some to think that this post is about me and Dave's love story. ...more

Even Little Changes

 It's funny how change changes the way we feel. Take a hair cut and color. For most of us girls, if the job is done well, it's a match made in Heaven. presto! New self. But if you happen to be the kid of said girl-with-new-hair, cue the quaking earth and quivering chin. ...more