TRESemme Keratin 7 Day Smooth System Review

A few weeks ago I received an email letting me know I was receiving an influenster VoxBox. What’s influenster and what’s a VoxBox you ask? Well click this here link for details, I’ll give you the cliffs notes version. You sign up for influenster and link all your social media accounts. Then you complete short surveys about yourself, you write reviews about products you use, and earn points....more


From time to time, I get questions about natural hair care from our blog feedback. I usually answer them via email, but recently realized that it could be helpful to share some of the inquiries and responses here, as well. If you have a question about natural hair care, let me know – I’ll try my best to be as helpful as I can....more

My 4 Favorite Hair Care Products

SoftSheen-Carson Launches the NEW Hydra Steam Collection

Intense moisture immediately sinks in and refreshes natural hair. -PJ Gach...more

Winterize Your Hair Pt.3 - Using Heat Tools

 Although you may be tempted to go for that "sleek", straight look this winter, proceed with caution. Especially if you are on a journey to longer, healthier hair where length retention is a must! ...more

Winterize Your Hair Pt.2 - Protective Styling

 My bun in a clip P-styleProtective styling (P-styling as I lovingly call it) is all about protecting your ends. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and thus, are the most fragile part. Being a prime candidate for splitting and breaking off, they require the most TLC if you want to be successful in retaining length.  ...more

Winterize Your Hair Pt. 1 - My Uber-Oil Blend

 Winter in Wisconsin ain't no joke. This is usually the time to pay particular attention to your hair's moisture level as the winter cold and harsh winds can suck all of the moisture from your strands. It's during this time that I beef up the moisture division of my team of products, and deep condition every chance I get. One product that has been helping me manage is a blend of oils that I put together myself. This is the oil that I seal with as other oils just weren't gettin' it for me. But hey, I wanna share that recipe, so here ya go:...more

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner for BLONDES Review

I am always on the hunt to find a product that will keep my blonde tresses looking like I just left the salon and the fact that I think you can never have enough products! So imagine my delight when I was at my local CosmoProf and I happened upon a new product (New to me, anyways!) to do just that!...more

Promote Healthy Hair: the Eco-Friendly Way

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How to Promote Healthy Hair

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