Henna as a Natural Hair Dye

 I have been dying my hair for years. I have been many colours, natural and unnatural. Yet as I am getting older I have started to develop some wispy grey hairs and I am not ready to embrace this, so whilst I attempt to regain my natural dark brown colour after being purple, red, blue and black I also want to cover up those few little greys....more

Beautified- Fall Hair Issue

You all can look at style magazines and other sources for the fall trend reports but this is the honest to goodness truth: Very few people make huge changes at each season. Some trends are easy to follow while others require a bigger commitment that most people don't find in their comfort zone. When I was still working behind the chair I did always encourage a seasonal change to my clients but I always tried to keep my suggestions very "real" ...Read more: http://www.chknscratch.blogspot.com/2013/08/beautified.html...more

Hairy Carey

A couple of months ago my daughters met a teenager with (check it) BLUE BANGS. Her whole head was not blue – only the bangs. It was the coolest. thing. ever. as far as Lilo & Stitch were concerned. After that, they actively looked for people with streaks or patches of bold color in their hair....more

Bronde Hair Color

Hi everyone! ...more

From Hair To Eternity

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) Like many women, I spend a lot to time thinking about my hair.  We have a love/hate relationship.  One minute it's my crowning glory, the next day it's the bane of my existence.  I can't be 100% sure what each day will bring, but based on the fact that it's taking forever to dry and doing some strange flippy things - I think I know where this is headed....more

Best Blonde Hair Color

Hi girls!If any of you have other thought about going blonde or are already blonde but looking for a change or some direction, I have created a photo list of the best blonde hollywood hair color I could find.This list is meant to inspire those of you who are interested in going flaxen. I searched a long time for the right photos that I thought you would really enjoy.Let me know what you think!http://www.harpersshadow.com/2012/04/best-blonde-hair-color.html<3...more

On the Bright Side: Free Highlights

You would think the fact that at least half of my hair is white now would be one of the downsides to getting older, but actually it has been a real advantage for me. I finally have the color I wish I had been born with, and it couldn’t have happened without going gray.Read on to find out how I ended up with prettier hair at 52 than when I was young. http://foreverinbluejeans-newme.com/on-the-bright-side-free-highlights/ ...more

Is it Time to Go Gray?

When color touch-ups get to be a bit too much on the schedule and budget, many of us wonder when to do it – go gray, that is.And, more important, how exactly do we transition from our current color to a more, shall we say, natural shade?...more

The Hair Color Debate: Salon vs. the Box

A dirty little secret is that some of us can only go three to four weeks before touching up our gray roots. Granted, there are women whose gray grows in symmetrically, in just the right area, creating a sophisticated, mature look. But for many of us, those nasty grays appear wiry and unruly, transforming us from hot to hag overnight. There have been many times I’ve passed rows of boxed hair color in the drug store. They’re tempting, with their convenience and reasonable cost....more
I've yet to find a red in a box that's as nice as the reds I can get in the salon.more