Attempt This At Home

We've been talking about how to get a 'younger' haircut, now let's talk about hair color. Having the right hair color is just as important, if not more so, than the cut. First, a Disclaimer: The at-home haircare options below only apply to haircolor, not haircut. Please let me be very clear on this – home haircuts are never recommended. I will not be held responsible for the inevitable home haircut disaster. Maybe you got lucky the one or two times you cut your own bangs without incident but, I’m telling you, you’re playing with fire....more

Color me dangerous

I hate being the bearer of bad news. Really, I do....more

When bad hair dye happens to good people

I am one of those moms who can speak up for her kids when something goes wrong, but for myself--silence. Even worse, I have been known to say thank you for really bad service.Last week I went to the salon for partial highlights. Somehow the partial highlights turned into full. The "a few brown highlights here and there" idea ended up making my naturally blond hair turn an ashy brown with a few blond highlights....more

The story you told is funny, but I'm sure at the moment it happened you were not ...more

Does Society Have Different Rules for Blondes?

The Freakanomics blog today highlights a story that has the interwebs a buzz with blonde jokes and ladyblogs asking a lot of questions. A study out of the University of Queensland found that blonde women make more money and marry wealthier men than women with other hair colors. According to the Daily Telegraph story:...more

Hair Color While Pregnant - Wouldja, Couldja, Didja?

I wanna get my hur did. I haven't had my hair cut, styled, and/or colored since BEFORE I got pregnant with Athena. We're talking over 3 years ago. I haven't been able to put my finger on what has been bothering me about my looks latetly, and I think this is it. My.Hair.Is.GROSS. I want a complete overhaul. I can't do anything medically about my now thin hair until after Zofia comes out, so I thought a good cut and color may help for the time being. So what's the view on coloring your hair when pregnant? Wouldja? Couldja? ...more

Bad Haircut? How to Handle a Do-Over

Last week, my friend Chris got her hair cut. It did not go the way she was hoping. At all. ...more
i wanted a 1 - inch trim but no longer have to worry about my beautiful long hair -- it's gone. ...more

You Can Do It: 16 Easy Steps to Dye Your Hair at Home

I recently -- with a little help -- made the decision to dye my hair for the first time ever. Red, no less, and for some reason, I also chose to do it myself. I was actually pretty pleased with the results, and so I figured that others out there like me, people who might otherwise be daunted by the thought of taking the plunge, might benefit from seeing the process laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow guide.Sure, said guide involves jazz hands and a karate segment, but still, it's foolproof! ...more

I color my hair -or occasionally treat myself to a salon color.  It's surprisingly easy- ...more

Hair Color Angst: To Dye or Not to Dye?

My experience with hair coloring is brief, but memorable. My first stint was in ninth grade when The Thing To Do was to buy a bottle of Jolen facial hair bleach, and paint two chunky streaks into the face-framing locks on either side of one's head to lighten them. The goal was, I believe, to achieve a modern and Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle that said "I am modern and enjoy the show Friends, as evinced by my modern, Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle. Could I BE any more awesome?"...more

"I inherited some of the redhead traits - like freckles and a low threshold of pain at the ...more

Do color-depositing shampoos and conditioners work?

Color me obsessed, but once again, I'm blogging about my salon-colored, highlighted, low-lighted, glazed hair. I love my colorist, but my hair costs me so much money, it's like I've become a vintage Jaguar; I'm ridiculously expensive, and I'm always in the shop. The most obvious problem is roots, which I've dealt with in my previous post. But there's also the issue of color fading. After all, I'm using permanent color. Why isn't it ... well, permanent? ...more
sddonlon Go back the salon and get it fixed. They did not give you the color you asked for.more

Is It Safe to Dye Pubic Hair?

Kathleen P. recently asked me if it is safe to dye pubic hair. Specifically, she wrote: "When I saw the Sex & the City episode when Samantha dyed her pubic hair, I thought it was the stupidest, most unrealistic story line ever... My, how things can change in a few years. I'm in my mid-40's now and I've noticed that I have a significant amount of grey hair down there. When she dyed her pubic hair it turned a hideous color and she ended up removing it all. Too much information alert: Being bare down there is not for me but neither is grey hair! Is it safe to dye my pubic hair?" ...more