Recession Hair

O.K this recession thing is killing me. It occurred to me this morning as I was blow drying my expensive lowlights and highlights that we're apt to see some really bad hair soon. At $200 bucks a pop for a cut and color I’ll bet some women are deciding to forego the expense and turn to Clairol. I don’t know about you, but I can easily detect a salon job from a bathroom job. Usually the color is good in the front but the back looks like Halloween. I am wondering myself, as my business is slowing to a standstill, how long can I go before I have to do something about my dull roots. ...more

The root of the problem

If you've bought drug store hair color lately, you've probably seen the latest addition to Clairol's hair color family: Nice 'n' Easy Root Touch-up. (Can I say "hair color family" without sounding like I drank the hair dye? OK, then!) ...more

If you want to get rid of gray roots yourself, I would recommend more

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure

I happened to glance at myself in the mirror yesterday morning and saw that my roots were white again.   I know for a fact that it’s only been three weeks since I last dyed them.  ...more

Time For a Beauty Overhaul: New Jeans and Dye Roots or Defend Innocence and Grace?

A recent visit to one of my fave boutiques on South Beach proved a wake up call in my self concept and the need to defend inner beauty. I’d ventured over to Washington Avenue where lie a few small boutiques housing rather affordable feminine digs from Rio to Rome, one selling jeans from Brazil that feel like they’ve been laundered 20 times, embroidered with feminine designs that are just very me. ...more


This weekend I am doing some much needed self maintenance. As you have seen I have dark hair and lots of it. I have bushy brows and a ... um ... mustache. Not like a man-stache. Just thicker, darker peach fuzz that grows on my upper lip. Because of my dark skin having this extra hair on my face makes my appearance look dirty. ...more

Money Saving Tips On Hair Care

During these troubled economic times many moms are facing more pressure than usual. Not only do we as moms have to do a lot of budgeting for the household but sometimes the budget includes your personal beauty and hair care.   ...more

I'm cheating on my hairdresser. Again.

I’ve made a grave mistake. One I’ve made before. It involves delusion, false optimism and wishful thinking. It begins like this: I want a hair change. Unfortunately said desire creeps up on me over time, until it so strong that all sense of reason departs completely. Several weeks ago, drunk and out with friends I convinced one of them to cut my hair. The only thing handy: nail scissors. “Thas fine!” I slurred, “iddll look good” It did not look good. ...more

Two years ago, I actually had to go to a hair place and get a refund. The only reason I ...more

Is it Safe to Color Your Hair While Pregnant?

By far one of the most asked questions in the salon industry today. Wethrive on maintaining a trendy and fashionable look for the workplacewhich lets face it, is where most women are today. ...more

Home Hair Color Comes of Age

After years of spending big bucks getting my roots done every six weeks, I decided to give Clairol Nice N' Easy Root Touch-Up a try.  I was flabbergasted!  For $8 and only a few minutes' time, my roots look like I just went to the salon.  I will still need to go every 3 months for highlights, but who knows, maybe someone has tried a home highlighting kit that works well.  I'd like to hear. ...more

I've gotten professional looking results using L'Oreal Colour Experte. It's not terribly hard ...more

The Great Gray Debate

I was quoted in Time magazine a few weeks ago. My quote was, "If a woman is really old and the dye job extreme, I think 'who does she think she's kidding?' I'm a bitch, I know." The subject was hair and authenticity. The story was written by Anne Kreamer, author of the new book, "Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters." ...more

Authenticity for me is about catching a glance of yourself in the mirror and not being surprised ...more