Haircut from Hell

Since I didn’t have the entertaining of the family to do, on Saturday I went to the mall to get my hair cut. I asked my regular hairdresser to duplicate a cut I had a few years ago, which looked awesome. She didn’t quite get the layers short enough. Therefore, I decided to go somewhere fancy for a trim. ...more

How to Get Your Hair to Thank You

One month into small town living it was time to get a much needed haircut. Not being a local I chose the salon in town that had the poshest sign. Inside I had my appointment with a young woman who informed me that it was her first week at the salon. Reflecting back on the experience I am fairly confident it was her first week working with hair....more

Making Contact...Again

By the end of the month, my girls look shaggy. Not shabby, mind you. Just a bit more unkempt. That one spot that always gets a tangle remains tangled. Hair is in their eyes. Bothering them. And unknowingly bothering me too....more

We cut our boys' hair. Or, my husband does. We let it grow longer in the winter between cuts, ...more

Bad Haircut? How to Handle a Do-Over

Last week, my friend Chris got her hair cut. It did not go the way she was hoping. At all. ...more
i wanted a 1 - inch trim but no longer have to worry about my beautiful long hair -- it's gone. ...more