Cancer Scarves-Scarves For Cancer

When I lost all my hair during my chemotherapy I found hats and wigs uncomfortable and worried they would fall off while doing the things I love to do like boating, biking, swiimming, going to the beach, riding on the back of a Harley or in my convertible. I knew there had to be a fashionable yet functional and at the same time comfortable head covering. I designed and patented a unique 4 in 1 head scarf that has a built in adjustable headband that snaps and stays on!  What a relief knowing that I would not be embarrassed with my bald head showing to everyone! ...more


I started manufacturing my unique 4 in 1 fashion head scarf The ABonita Scarf after losing my hair due to chemotherapy and sell to cancer boutiques as well as online. I joined a great website for those going thru Alopecia. I want to give those with hair loss a functional, fashionable solution to hair loss. The ABonita Scarf is made of 100% cotton for comfort and easy care. I find the power and strength and braveness of these woman very inspiring! Go to ...more
Are these scraves stil for sale? Where can I buy one?more

Cancer Scarves That Make A Fashion Statement

Finaly a cool, comfortable, fashionable head scarf for cancer patients or those with other health issues such as Lupus, Alopecia, Hepatitis C and other hair loss issues. Bonita Sands a breast cancer survivor saw a need for a more fashionable solution to hair loss so she designed the ABonita Scarf. This unique fashion headscarf has a built in adjustable headband that snaps. The best thing is you can snap it on snug and it stays on while doing activities such as swimming, boating, biking, riding in convertibles or going to the beach on a windy day. The ABonita Scarf is a big hit with bikers. ...more

Choices, Choices, Choices

Choices - Choices -Choices March 12th, 2009   ...more

Shedding in Sarasota

This is one blog entry that I was hoping not to write.  After living with Alopecia Universalis for 7 years (total hair loss), I was given a short reprieve.  My hair began to sprout in March ‘08 and has steadily provided me with “cosmetic” quality hair.  My son was married in October, and I was fortunate to ...more

Hi Christy:


Thanks for contacting me.  This is an ongoing story for sure.  ...more

Help Us to Help Others with Medical Hair Loss!

Wouldn't it be nice if the world automatically empathized with, understood, and supported women experiencing medical hair loss? If you've ever contemplated such a wish, did you stop to recall your own awareness of medical hair loss prior to losing your hair? ...more

Finding Meaning to My Own Life!

I receive many emails from women around the world, thanking me for creating a product that has made such a difference to them. The irony is that I want to thank them. I received this email this morning: "Thank you for the link to your blogs. I have just viewed your podcast and was so inspired! ...more

I'm Old! I'm Like the Cryptkeeper! quote Jamie Lee Curtis, a la Freaky Friday. That's exactly what ran through my mind when I looked in the mirror this morning. No joke. ...more

Headin' Into Fall

Hello Beaudivas! Now that summer is finally behind us, it is time to fall forward into the autumn trends. For those of us without hair keeping our bald heads warm is first and foremost!  Here are some scientific facts about how our body loses heat on a cold day: ...more