Brassy Hair?

Get the Red OutI love getting my hair highlighted!...more

Promoting Beautiful Hair Through the Right Hair Solutions

Hair products are evolving each year. They are also very plentiful. You walk to your favorite beauty supply store, and you see tons of hair products. But from time to time, you may end up finding a new hair product you haven’t heard of yet. However, they’re being promoted heavily through poster displays and brochures....more

Moroccan Oil and Keratin Treatments: You don't Have to Spend a Fortune to have Great Hair

As many of you may know, hair styles and treatments "fads" come and go. In the 80's it was Teasing and Perms, in the 90's it was "The Rachel" and bleach, then came the stark contrast highlights, and finally we have come into an age of hair that is sleek, timeless, and not something we will look back on 20 years from now and go what the hell was that?! But achieving great hair can cost a fortune. A trip to the salon costing in excess of $100 is no longer a shock. Dropping $25 on a bottle of hair product is considered "the norm"....more
Thanks for this! Ive been using Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner my stylist told me to use ...more

Beach Hair With or Without the Beach

I've gone through a slew of products hoping that I would find one, just one, that would give me those piecey surfer girl waves for summer, but without the stickiness or frizziness I seem to always get....more

Out of Time? Dry Shampoo Saves the Day!

Dry Shampoo used to have stigma attached to it, seen as the lazy person’s answer to hair washing. I first used dry shampoo about 19 years ago, when pregnant with my first child. I was so debilitating-ly nauseous and weak that I couldn’t phantom the idea of keeping my arms above my head long enough to shampoo my hair. Dry shampoo became my secret grooming weapon for years to come....more
My teen has been into dry shampoo for years (it's great for campouts and church mission trips, ...more

join the cult: moroccan oil

(from 20somethingcupcakes)You may or may not have heard about Moroccan Oil, and if not, you need to hear about it. It's cult-like followers say it fights frizz, adds shine, and makes hair noticeably softer without weighing hair down or making it greasy. A bold statement, yes - but it totally delivers....more

From the first time my hair dresser used Moroccan Oil on my hair, I was hooked. It's pretty ...more

Short is Sweet

I've had short hair for eleven years now and I'll never try to grow it out.   I don't own a hairbrush or a blow dryer but I can still manage to play around with it and have fun. I like to change the color(s) pretty regularly and if my bangs get long enough before a trim, I can pull them to the side with a barrette....more

I hate my hair! What to do when you're not happy with your do.

I went to the salon last Friday thinking I'd have my shoulder length hair cut into a bob.  A really short bob; Amalie style.  But, with no bangs.  Probably.  And my hairstylist (my friend Michele who has been cutting my hair since we were both about seventeen) tossed me a Short Hair Styles book while she finished up with the client before me.  "See if there's something you like in there," she said, "I'll be done in a couple minutes."  Partway through the book I found The Cut.  It was so stinkin cute; much shorter than I have ever worn my hair, but, you know, SO many women I know have really great short hair (Hi Susan and Karen and Eden), and so I said What the heck, threw all caution and inhibitions to the wind, and went for it. ...more
I HATE MY HAIR! I don't have any straighteners or anything and I wake up like a mess. Worst this ...more

The New As Seen on TV Item EZ Combs Gets Great Reviews

Have you tried out the new As Seen on TV item call EZ Combs? The EZ Combs, by their name, are easy to use, and are meant to be used in all types of hair. So girls with thick hair don't need to worry about not getting all of their hair up, and girls with thin hair don't need to worry about their hair not staying up and in place. ...more