I'm a Medium-Degree Hairy Woman

For better or for worse, I’ve embraced my Eastern European gift of hairiness. In fact, my relationship and consequent confrontation with hair on varying terrains across my body has definitely earned me gold membership into this special club. It’s a love hate relationship really. I love that my healthy hair grows fast and thick, but obviously the problem is said hair does not remain on head only. ...more

Wax v. Lotion - the Leg Hair Wars!

I hate my legs. It’s true! They are weirdly shaped, easily bruised, and always dry. But the worst part about them is the hair. I have very dark leg hair which is compounded by very large pores, which means even when my legs are hair-free, they still look stubbly (at least, to me). I’ve long along given up shaving, because no matter what products I used or how careful I was, I would end up with terribly itchy legs for about 20 minutes after shaving. It was infuriating and to me, intolerable....more
Just wanted to follow up on this post -- I have used the Veet once a week for 3 weeks since I ...more

What the Hair?

What the Hair?I love my hair. The hair on my head that is. Men are so lucky they don't have to worry about that embarrassing "unwanted hair." Women have to deal with our bikini-area, eyebrows, legs, arms and dare I say it -- the upper lip!!! GASP. Oh god no, I'm a woman, so why the hell do I have a mustache? Not to mention that as you get older, it only gets worse. Don't EVER look in a lighted magnified mirror because you will discover those "whiskers" on your chin....more

Greatest hair removal device in Europe

 Greatest hair removal device in Europe by ...more

Dermaplaning Explained


Golden Gates

Once in a while, I repost my blog posts on Open Salon as a way to drum up business on my own blog. A while back, I saw their Open Call for submissions titled “I was bullied,” (or something similar). In it, poignant blog posts talk about the pain of being bullied as a child, with some people interviewing their childhood bullies to boot....more

Without pain, would this title be as beautiful?

If I were to say that the hot wax method of removing hair was for wimps, a large percentage of people would immediately grasp the implication inherent in that statement. This large percentage could accurately be described as "women", and the implication they were grasping would be that I had just purchased an Epilady.If I were to say that I had just purchased an Epilady, a large percentage of people would have absolutely no idea what I was talking about. This large percentage could accurately be described as "sane"....more

Eco-Conscious Alternatives to 'Not-So-Eco' Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are the ultimate throwaway. Two bi...more

Hair Removal 101

I guess it is because summer is just around the corner, but lately I’ve been seeing more than a few articles about hair removal.  Estheticians don’t just help people with their skin; a big part of our job is hair removal and eyebrow shaping so anytime I see something about hair removal, particularly waxing, I take notice. First of all we can get philosophical about the issue of hair removal in general.  Do you even want to remove any of the hair on your body (that isn’t on your head and actually some people remove that too of course)?  The New York Times just...more