She left me.

We've been together since I was a freshman in high school. She's seen me grow from an awkward teenage girl to an awkward, yet somewhat together, woman. We've shared some intimate moments, and she was the one consistent factor over the past 12 years, seeing my through high school, college, grad school, and the real world. She was my hairdresser, and she left me. ...more

"You're Pretty Old"

The boy cleared his throat. “You’re pretty old.” I put my hand on my chest and coughed. The mom sagged. I'm pretty sure I heard her moan. “I’m so sorry,” she mouthed. I winced as he pulled out the chair next to mine. He sat. Took his gloves off and rubbed his hands on his jeaned thighs. “That didn’t come out right, did it?” ...more

This blog post actually made me cry. I'm in my early 20's and I am OBSESSED with anti aging ...more

New Hair Show in Town

All right, insane reality television fanatics, get ready to add a new show to your DVR list. Oxygen’s newest reality show, “Hair Battle Spectacular” is shedding light on a somewhat underground genre of hairstyling: fantasy hair design....more

How to Break up with Your Stylist

Breaking up with B. was easy, I suppose. I simply stopped calling.It was time. After 14 years together, he might have deserved a little more from me; maybe an explanation, a simple "it's not you, it's me." But the truth is, it was him. And I couldn't face him....more

You're right, I hate this sort of immediate loyalty you're supposed to have when a salon pairs ...more

How to Choose a Hairstylist


Bad Haircut? How to Handle a Do-Over

Last week, my friend Chris got her hair cut. It did not go the way she was hoping. At all. ...more
i wanted a 1 - inch trim but no longer have to worry about my beautiful long hair -- it's gone. ...more

How To Take a Picture of a Celebrity to Your Hair Appointment and Not Leave in Floods of Tears

Over the years, I've taken a whole gossip magazine's worth of celebrity pictures to my various hair appointments. Nicole Richie's shoulder-length bob has accompanied me on many a visit, as has Katie Holmes' layered shag; heck, I've even taken pictures of various bloggers--don't worry, I asked first--passing the photos off to my stylist as "....uh, my friend's hair. I mean, my acquaintance's. I mean, well, see, I know her from online. I mean....oh god, never mind. Anyway, do you think this will work for me?"...more

Great tips!

And during that whole movie I was thinking "MAN I would kill for black hair ...more

Recession Hair

O.K this recession thing is killing me. It occurred to me this morning as I was blow drying my expensive lowlights and highlights that we're apt to see some really bad hair soon. At $200 bucks a pop for a cut and color I’ll bet some women are deciding to forego the expense and turn to Clairol. I don’t know about you, but I can easily detect a salon job from a bathroom job. Usually the color is good in the front but the back looks like Halloween. I am wondering myself, as my business is slowing to a standstill, how long can I go before I have to do something about my dull roots. ...more