Hair Today Gone Today

Last week I had another awesome few days in the city that never sleeps but makes me very tired.  Of course I'm talking about New York baby!  I am always jazzed to be there and am like a woman who has been raised by wolves when I first arrive.  Entering the city by cab from JFK I stare open mouthed at the food carts.  Dude, I'm not talking pretzels and hot dogs,  I'm talking like whole authentic Indian meals now-from a freaking cart!!...more

Kim Kimble: Celebrity LA HAIR Stylist

I know Reality TV viewers have heard of Ms. Kim Kimble-celebrity hairstylist to African-American celebrites! Although her salon include all ethnicities, the majority of her clients are mostly black celebrities like Mary Jo Blige, Eve, Kelly Roland, Shari Headly and Ms....more

Grow Out Maybe, But Not Soon Enough!

I have no hair.  As I look at myself, it appears that I went in and asked for a boy cut.  It was just yesterday that I was all excited about getting my hair styled.  My daughter had a new stylist that she thought I might like to give her a whirl.  I had spent a considerable amount of time letting the last cut grow out so that I could start fresh.  I’m not even going to mention the cost…....more

Perhaps Hair Extensions Are The Answer

 My hair is driving me crazy.  So it must be time for a haircut....more

Changing stylists

Katie and I had been together for many years. I found her when I was trying to find someone who would cut my hair asymetrically, like Sigourney Weaver's in "Dave". Gosh she was good. No fuss, no attitude, reasonably priced and very, very popular. She set her own hours and rarely had a cancellation, but she was worth the wait. We always made each other laugh. ...more

I love the way you said youmore

Signs I'm Aging: Short Hair and Ugly Cars

To commemorate my 41st birthday, I went and got myself a real short haircut, something I swore I'd never do.  Here's the pic and my rant about it at la Matriarch ...more