Babies' First Haircut

Yes, at three and a half, the girls finally had their first haircut. Why? Because their beautiful hair started looking really ratty. They were model haircuttees! They stayed as still as you can imagine is possible for their age, and waited their turns. They weren't scared (thanks Dora's Haircut). They were really excited to show off for their dad, too! Here's how it went for them. First, the spray down. Then, cute clips! ...more

When the Littlest Got a Haircut

   The Littlest's hair is of the wispy, fine, straight variety. He used to look like this:...more

Anatomy of a Haircut

Yesterday I went for a haircut.  I put on a dress and dropped the boys off and got a giant diet soda and headed to the salon.  I love love love getting my hairs cut.  I love sitting and gabbing with Maggie, my hairdresser about all the latest reality sleaze.  We are both junkies and it's nice to be in like minded company.  Midway through my transformation, we realized that maybe we should have taken pictures to document the process.  But, though I am usually shameless, I will not pull out my camera phone and take pictures of myself all up in public for the...more

Kind of Like Groundhog's Day

I've been telling my husband lately that my life is a lot like Groundhog's Day. Monotonous. Yes. But I'm actually the one choosing to shape it that way, since it keeps everything flowing smoothly and sanely here. My personal Groundhog's Day is complete with: * Anticipating hunger by pre-preparing snacks. * Thinking of meals in as far advance as I can stand, so I don't end up in a hot kitchen, myself hungry, tired and surrounded by three gaping mouths. ...more

Wow! You are brave. I am so going to have to clean the house. But I will look for that sweet ...more

When bad hair dye happens to good people

I am one of those moms who can speak up for her kids when something goes wrong, but for myself--silence. Even worse, I have been known to say thank you for really bad service.Last week I went to the salon for partial highlights. Somehow the partial highlights turned into full. The "a few brown highlights here and there" idea ended up making my naturally blond hair turn an ashy brown with a few blond highlights....more

The story you told is funny, but I'm sure at the moment it happened you were not ...more

Do Tell: Share Your Worst Hairstyle and Win an iPad!

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm going to have to just come right out with it. I know that this will shock some of you. You may not be able to read the entire post. There may be some tears. I have a mullet. ...more

Someone recently tagged me in this class picture from sixth grade. I had a weird sort of mullet ...more

If you touch a hair on her head. . .

With Eliot, I had few sentimental attachments to her babyhood — it was as though infancy and each stage after was something to be endured and raced through on the way to the next (presumably easier) stage. Baby clothes and toys were packed away, bottles were sanitized and stowed in boxes, the Co-Sleeper folded into its case and stashed unceremoniously in a basement closet — all of it with nary a second thought from me that with them meant the permanent passing of her babyness, that all-too-brief and ephemeral time....more

Why do I bother?

It happens every time I go to the Beauty Shoppe: I give the beautician a complete discription of what I want done, practically draw a picture for them and then they screw it up bad! I left the shoppe with the front of my hair about one inch long.... combine that with long one length hair and what do you have? Ugly! LOL I need to go back to cutting my own hair! ...more