Why You Should Take the Plunge & Cut Your Hair

Let's face it, deep down you've already decided to go for it - you just need one last push into that salon chair. Do I think you should cut your hair? Hell yes! Here's why... ...more
Get it, girl!more

Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… sort of | Hobbs & Hayworth

Our favorite sassy Southern mamas are at it again! It’s a new episode of Hobbs & Hayworth. (Did you miss the first one? Check it out here.) Audrey and Harmony review the Remington Perfect Bun thingy. Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… Sort of ...more

DIY: Upside Down French Braided Top Knot

It's easy, really. And quick, too. This upside down french braided top knot. So easy, in fact, that you can do this on your own head, if you've got the skills for french braiding upside down...No worries, right? Either way, you're reaching behind your head, anyway......more

Get Your Hair Did

Saturday night was date night. These are my favorite nights. Sometimes they consist of just going to the local diner. Or my husband will cook a fantastic Italian dinner. But this time we were going out for a night on the town.Dinner in NYC.A friend's apartment warming party downtown.I was excited.Normally, when we are going out on a Saturday night, I have a whole process. I get my nails done, I go shopping. And if it's a special occasion, I'll even blow dry my hair. (More on this another time.)...more

Striking oil (for your hair that is!)

Oil is the newest rage. Just when we thought oil made our skin prone to breakouts or our hair greasy, the assumptions are quite untrue. There is a new batch of oils popping up in boutiques and shops like Sephora, each touting different blends or benefits. Made of botanical and aromatic essential oils, not only are they made to nourish hair, but different blends and brands are for adding shine, hot weather or blow-dry repair and de-frizzing unruly, damaged hair.Using hair oil as a conditioning treatment: ...more

Maxi Dress Love

Maxi dresses are my  favorite thing to wear during the summertime! When I wore one the other day it felt so light and I felt so much cooler in the AZ heat :) Plus, I think they make you look so put together without taking much time at all!...more

How ‘Style’ is a Key Element to High Quality Hairstyles

Watching a woman’s hair move in the wind is an eye gauging experience, especially when the hairstyle is just right. Hair that compliments the facial features and persona of someone is key. Women love their hair being that it’s a part of them. Hair is part of what helps bring out the beauty in someone....more

The Long and the Short of It — Hair, That Is

Original post on xoxoxo eI just got a very short haircut, very similar to how I wore it in college, and I feel so free. Like a ton of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am getting lots of compliments and even shock, at my "bravery" to cut my hair. It got me thinking about different hair lengths that I have had through the years....more

The Long Hair Cold War

Does your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend love long hair. Do you want to cut your hair off but are concerned that your significant other will wither up and die from disappointment? Trimming your tresses will prompt his soul to shatter into a thousand little hair sized shards on the salon floor?Well ladies (and gents, if that's how you roll) I have been staging a cold war against R on this for a while now and I am willing to share my battle plans and tactics for I think that I am finally breaking him. Oh, he'll deny it, but how much more can he really take?...more