Top 10 Short Men's Hairstyles of 2017

While we are expecting a big variety of women's hairstyles in the incoming year, there won’t be too many new mens haircut in 2017. Basically, we will only see the small changes in the cuts that have been in fashion in 2016 so you can easily keep your current style. But if you need some inspiration for short-hair mens hairstyles, here is the selection created by the

Easy and cute winter hairstyles

Hairstyles are most important part of everyone’s appearance as good hairstyles always enhances the look of people. However it is important to carry a hairstyle that suits your personality and face shape so as to impress someone or to look beautiful. At the company where I work I sometimes see surveillance photos from sky (made by drones) and even from there you can sometimes spot a great hairstyle.  With help of this article, girls can easily change their hairstyles without even getting a haircut....more

TV Girls with Red Hair.

 Everyone loves a redhead. And although not all of us are lucky enough to sport natural red locks, anyone can get them with the help of, our friend, the hair dye. There are many red headed characters on TV and there have been throughout the years. Let's look specifically at red headed characters that are female, from TV shows. There are a lot, so let’s see if your favorite makes it onto the list.Kimmy Schmidt...more

A Guide to Recreating the Hair Trends From New York Fashion Week

After a multitude of seasons where hair was shiny, but just “there,” this New York Fashion Week showcased hair that was braided, curled, ponytailed and updo’d. Styling your hair is back! Why the change? To find out, I spoke with Mirza Batanovic, the lead hairstylist for Eufora. He and his team created the hairstyles for the Kate Ermilio fall fashion show that was held at the Bowery Hotel. ...more
The sleek ponytail and controlled waves are classics and my two favourite looks!more

What to do when your 3 month old baby has a mullet.

Baby bath time in our home is almost always followed by some sink sitting time with the blow dryer for our little one. Who knew at this age I'd need to be pulling out a blow dryer?! Oh, that hair! I never in a million years imagined my child would have such great lengths, especially since my own hair grows at a snail's pace. I'm pretty much inept at hair styles. Never was I one for braids, fancy updo's or anything of the sort so this is all new territory for me....more

3 Sexy Hairstyles That go from Day to Night!

Show off your neck, your ears, your sexy collarbone with these hairstyles. -PJ Gach...more

Back to School Hairstyles

Hello Readers...I can't believe it's that time again... School is back in session for our little babies... But between you and me, I have to admit, I'm glad!  Summer Camp can get very expensive after a few weeks.  ...more