What to do when your 3 month old baby has a mullet.

Baby bath time in our home is almost always followed by some sink sitting time with the blow dryer for our little one. Who knew at this age I'd need to be pulling out a blow dryer?! Oh, that hair! I never in a million years imagined my child would have such great lengths, especially since my own hair grows at a snail's pace. I'm pretty much inept at hair styles. Never was I one for braids, fancy updo's or anything of the sort so this is all new territory for me....more

3 Sexy Hairstyles That go from Day to Night!

Show off your neck, your ears, your sexy collarbone with these hairstyles. -PJ Gach...more

Half Top Knot: My new FAVE hairstyle!

Back to School Hairstyles

Hello Readers...I can't believe it's that time again... School is back in session for our little babies... But between you and me, I have to admit, I'm glad!  Summer Camp can get very expensive after a few weeks.  ...more

Heatless Beachy Waves

Heatless Beachy WavesI'm always on the look out for quick and easy ways to style my hair. It is quite a challenge with my curly / wavy hair (curly on bottom and wavy on top) - it just wants to do it's own thing and be difficult. I always see tutorials where someone wraps their hair in little buns or twists the hair, goes to sleep and in the morning their hair has beautiful curls....more

Cute Fall Hair Styles That Are Very In Now

Girlfriends, did you know that fall is right around the corner?  Did you know that with the brand new season comes all new fall hairstyles?  Well, girlies, I've not only got the best fall hairstyles for you, but I've come up with a list that is easy to do, no matter what length of hair you have!  Remember, braids are really in right now, but even though fall is right around the corner, beachy curls are still in too!  So, you ready to see what other hairstyle trends for the fall are out there that you can take advantage of?  ...more

My 3 Favorite Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

New curls and longer hair meant I needed to try some new styles for summer. I found three that work great for me, and that you may love, too. ...more
It won't work for many of your readers but I cut my hair as low as possiblemore

How to-Kate Middleton’s Waves

 Positive Energy Group www.positivenrggroup.com@positiveenergyg...more

Super Cute & Super Simple Hairstyle Idea!


Hairstyles of a Curly Child!

I have created two videos on youtube.com showing some of the hairstyles Ms. Bree has rocked in the past.Come and watch the videos and give us your thoughts and opinions!for the step by step instructions please visit our blog!HAIRSTYLES OF A CURLY CHILD PART Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HC1w8GjiDw&list=PLg0vPhw_MqGOcLqn_ZW1RkM... HAIRSTYLES OF A CURLY CHILD-PART 2 ...more