Helping Haiti Though Be Like Brit

Haiti has endured another devastating event which has cause untold destruction. As I look at the news reports of Haiti after hurricane Matthew, I’m thinking of the Be Like Brit organization (BeLikeBrit) and of Britney Gengel. You might ask who Britney Gengel is and about is from the BeLikeBrit about page:...more

Encouraging women to vote in Haiti

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Originally published on: Ramase Lajan is the recycling program established in Haiti by Executives Without Borders. The literal translation in Creole is “picking up money.” A name aptly given by Haitian workers, it serves as a reminder of the time when businesses and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) formed alliances to rebuild communities and create sustainable jobs....more

Cheryl Fogarty's Labor of Love Project

In July of 2010, Cheryl Fogarty and seven others from Joplin, MO, boarded a plane bound for Haiti.  Once on the plane, Cheryl felt a wave of peace envelop her and she told herself, “This is what you’re supposed to do.”...more

Where Crayons are Precious: a Story from Haiti

One day last October, I sat in a church in Haiti, watching a crowd of teachers line up at the doors. Kids from the nearby tents gathered behind the crowd, curious to know what was happening. The church was the only building in the area where the Haiti Empowerment Project team could conduct a day of professional development for the tent community teachers of Croix-des-Bouquets. Most of the participants arrived early. They had been working for months in the harshest of conditions without pay and without resources. For them, this was a special day....more
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The Incredible Lightness of Giving

I recently launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to help build a Safe House in Haiti for rape victims ( ) and immediately entered an energy dead zone. I won’t characterize the public response to my campaign as one of apathy or disinterest. Instead, I’ll say I think people are experiencing “donor fatigue” or a sorta of “charity burn-out”. This is reflected by the fact that I’ve been getting a steady number of visitors to my campaign site but no one has taken the next step—making a donation. ...more


  When I think about it, the decision to create the OneWoman/OneHouse Project was an explosion of repressed energy from my core—a deep soul 
response to a world that was saying to me, "Women of a certain age, skin color, body type or social status, have nothing to offer." My response to that assertion is, “You’re wrong! We can do anything we commit our hearts and minds to doing.” Now I’m saying, “Let me show you what one woman can do.” ...more

Smart girls make the news

Natalie Portman and Free The Children, are fundraising to help send girls to Free The Children’s new all-girls’ highschool in Kenya,  and you can win the chance to go to Kenya on a Me to We trip. If you’re between 13 and 21 and believe that girls can change the world, it’s time to get creative....more

This is how the school is going to look like ad it's powered by solar panels - go green ...more