Was Humanitarian Parole the Best Thing for Haitian Orphans?

In seven months, the news of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti has slowed to a trickle. Fundraising has taken a back seat to more current news. Talk of orphans and amputees are buried well behind the headlines. The mass of adoption requests has returned to a normal level. Yet, there is still a Haiti. There are still orphans. There are now court dates and adoption finalizations occurring. Unfortunately, there are also around a dozen Haitian children in the United States who do not have a home, and their future continues to be uncertain. ...more

I had no idea you were in the business of quoting me. I'd better stop cussing when I write ...more

My Child Needs Help Now: The Impossibility of Haitian Adoption

I’ve written the checks, helped send supplies and done all measure of hand-wringing. But still when I read about the tragedy that has struck, I feel there is more my family and I are meant to do. So. OK. Call me naive, ignorant or foolish, but I was one of the many who heard about the travesty of orphans in Haiti and suddenly wanted more than anything to adopt a needy child from that devastated country. ...more


This is a great article and you've really hit all sides.  (Thanks for the ...more

The Road to Hell, Haiti, and the Baptists

When the American group was arrested for trying to bring Haitian children over the border into the Dominican Republic last week I literally screamed at my television.  Among my shouts were “Are you nuts” and “Think before you act”.  Their actions played right into the “international adoption equal child trafficking” argument that I railed against in last week’s blog.  Everything about this case is confusing, and the more ...more

BlogHop for Haiti

Miracles are happening with survivors still being rescued. One of whom was Compassion International's Dan Woolley, the father of two very young boys, who was in his hotel when it collapsed. He was pulled out of the rubble of the Montana Hotel yesterday. He was in the elevator when the building collapsed....more