Disembarkation and First Glimpse of Barcelona

Our instructions were to tag our bags with the tags they provided with the instruction sheet, and put them outside of our room before 2am.  I was a little nervous about putting the bags in the hallway, but not for the reasons you may think.  The ship was so pristine, I didn't want to be the first to put our bags out and clutter up the hallway....more
 @elaineR.N. how's your visit going?  more

The Last Day Aboard ms. Nieuw Amsterdam

We had 2 sea days while we were on this 12 day romance cruise.  Both those days Michael was in class for the morning, so those mornings I slept in, and read and drank coffee.  The last day, I pulled my suitcases out and started packing everything I wasn't going to use after tomorrow morning.   ...more
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Out to Sea: Guess Who Won the Slot Tournament?

When the ship was at sea, the casino on the boat opened.  They held a slot tournament in Club 21 casino that we paid ten dollars to push the button as fast as we could and pray that you get the high score.  I have done another slot tournament in Vegas and it wasn't nearly as fun.  But then again, I did win the entire tournament!  500 dollars!  Woo hoo!  (i put it in my apple/camera fund envelope) ...more
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Our Last Tour in Tuscany

It was a beautiful place, but by now I was so tired and so freaking hot.  How can you have hot flashes when it's already 100 degrees out?  You swelter even in the 65 degree year round temperature of the old mansion.  ...more
 @victorias_view alright, sounds like a deal to me!  let me know when to start packing!more

Lazio: Private lunch and Pasta Making

Oh, writing about my travels is helping me relive the experience but it's wearing me out in a different way.  At least my legs aren't tired.  Nor is my back screaming!  But emotionally, I'm toast!...more
 @elaineR.N. I know I'm hungry too, and this is late night dinner Monday for us, we don't eat ...more

Civitavecchia, Rome The Catacombs

Ahh I feel sad just like I did the last few days on the ship, our cruise is winding down now with only a handful of ports left to visit. goodbye Napoli We arrived in Civitavecchia, Rome on Monday Morning.  ...more
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Napoli, Pizza and Piazzas

We were well rested and ready to go on our Naples excursion.  The tour I picked for the day was "A Taste of Naples: PIZZAS & PIAZZAS".  It was a four hour tour that took us to the heart of Naples and dropped us off in front of the Piazza Plebiscito....more

Catania, Sicily: We Missed It!

Overheard at dinner Saturday night:  "What are you doing tomorrow in Sicily?" "Nothing, there were no shore excursions for Sicily".  Me: thinking…"what?" and then "OK honey tomorrow we can have a spa day".  I didn't bother checking my little pink envelope for excursion tickets before I went to bed last night, someone said "no excursions" and I took them at their word and didn't check, or order breakfast.  Woo hoo, we finally get to sleep in!  Not that the excursions weren't fun, we were just excited to have a do nothing day after six excursions in a row.  ...more
 @signoraedie28 I sure hope so.  I would love to do the same cruise again, same boat, same ...more

Beautiful Santorini, Thera Greece

Disclaimer:  Although I strive never to copy other's writing, in my quest for information to share with you about Santorini Greece, I used wiki to get factual information to share with you.  My words may be similar but they are my own!   ...more
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Argostoli and Kefalonia Island

It was an early excursion today.  We had room service deliver breakfast to wake us up once again.  The weather promised to be stifling hot again today so we dressed in cool clothing. We picked up water on the way to the gangway. Michael in Argostoli before boarding the tour bus....more
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