13 Life Lessons I Learned From Training For A Half Marathon

Last December, I decided that I was going to run a half marathon. I had never run more than 4 miles and the idea of running 13 miles was intimidating to say the least. I signed up for a half marathon in May and I began my training. It was the hardest thing I ever did... physically. But I did it! In fact, I completed the race in 2 hours and 15 minutes which is excellent for a first time runner. I've never been so proud of myself for accomplishing something like this. I ran 13 miles! Holy crap!...more

Advice For Your 1st Half Marathon From 8 Experienced Runners

I want to thank all of the incredible people who helped contribute to this post. Your advice is so valuable and I have learned so much just putting this post together. THANK YOU!You can spend 984759845 hours on Google looking up advice on running a half marathon but there is no better advice than that of REAL people.People who are balancing a family, kids, a full time job, injuries, distractions, friendships, relationships, to drink that beer or not to drink that beer....etc!...more

Amish Half Marathon I conquered the Hills!

This was my race report on the third running of the Amish Half Marathon. It is held in Berlin, Ohio, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It has been cold in 2013 and even colder for the race in 2014.It is credible to say I conquered the hills. It's a tough hilly course!I had high hopes for 2015 with the forecast of 40 degrees and rain.  The weather gods were spot on!  More.....more

The Hills Are Alive: 2015 Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Review

 Run the Bluegrass was truly an EXPERIENCE! It was held March 28, 2015 in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. My HB signed us both up for this race--more so of a surprise to me. I'll admit...I smiled when I received the confirmation in my inbox. The HB is a "Bling Chaser" (i.e., he runs for the shine, not the time--yes, that's his mantra)....more

10 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Half-Marathon

My best friend recently ran her first half marathon. The night before, I kept texting her with suggestions and tips. It occurred to me that it might be slightly less annoying if I just wrote it all down in one blog post. I'm certainly no expert in racing, but I WAS a total newbie just a couple of short years ago, and I remember what it feels like to be nervous and to have no idea what to expect on race day. I've picked up a thing or two during 6 half marathons, some from my awesome running friends and some from my own trial and error. So here goes. ...more
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Exercise is Fun?

My daughter Michaela asked me the other day "Mommy, what happens if we don't exercise?". I thought about it for a second and before I could answer, she said "do we die?". Michaela has been concerned about death ever since her grandparent's dog died.No, I said, you don't die (she was relieved). If you don't exercise, you can become unhealthy."But Mommy, we don't exercise". At this point, I launched into an explanation about how they do exercise, like when they are at the park or in the back yard, running around - those things are exercise....more

2 Medals In 2 Days - Take 2

I don't know if you remember this, or for any new followers out there, last year I did theDouble Header 2 half marathons in 2 days. I did it with a friend and it was so much fun. So we both signed up to do it again. She got injured at Boston, and wasn't able to do both races this year. ...more

Fall Half Marathon Training Plan

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Never Say Never

Back in college, we used to play a little game called “I Never.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it? One person says something they’ve never done and those who have done said thing must drink.It’s an excellent way to learn people’s deepest darkest secrets, thereby creating lifelong friendships based on fear that the horrible things you’ve done could be shared. The game creates way stronger bonds than pinky swearing....more

It's Not the Same Race at All: How the Front of the Pack Differs from the Back of the Pack

This is not the recap I had planned on writing. I adore Runner’s World, that is clearly no secret around here. I’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences with them and their races. But the post I’m about to write isn’t just about the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon. It’s about what I’m unfortunately going to assume is the reality of the majority of races out there. ...more
This is disheartening.  I've only done one 5k & since I was in the first wave of a large race ...more