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Taking my final exam this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Friday is the deadline. I'm nervous but I have no choice but to pass with flying colours. I'll write more on that entire experience later. Wish me luck!Did you see Half the Sky on PBS? It was from 9-11 pm EST, this past Monday & Tuesday.  You may be able to catch the replay or watch it online, depending on where you live. Check your local listings....more

A feminist tries to overcome her Islamaphobia

This anniversary of September 11 has been marked by a much more virulent outbreak of Islamaphobia than we have had in the past....more

Celebrating National Women's History Month

March 1 marks the start of National Women's History Month, and AAUW has strong ties to this annual celebration of women history makers. AAUW is an established historic organization that has helped — and continues to help — women make history.With that in mind, AAUW is excited to partner with the National Women's History Project in its 30th anniversary year, which has the theme "Writing Women Back into History." There will be many ways for AAUW members and supporters to get involved this year, and AAUW's Women's History Month celebrations will include the following: A Flickr stream of photos If you have photos of a Women's History Month event to share, please upload them to AAUW's Flickr stream by e-mailing the photos to mess90zap [at]*. Please be sure to include a short caption for each photo in the subject line or in the text of your e-mail message and indicate that the photos are for National Women’s History Month. Women's History Month-related photos will be available for viewing directly on the Flickr account. A YouTube video campaign AAUW staff members will be filming short videos about women they are honoring during Women's History Month that will be uploaded to AAUW's YouTube channel. If you would like to share a Women's History Month-related video that you’ve made, just upload it to your own account and send in the link via e-mail. We will collect videos from AAUW branches and members and online supporters and share them through the blog and/or Facebook. ...more

Holding Up More Than Half the Sky

One of my favorite Chinese proverbs says, "Women hold up half the sky." Some days I feel like it's more than half, but the point of the proverb is that women are equal partners with men in navigating through life. At least, we ought to be. ...more

Yes, I knew that it came from Mao, at least that's what I've been ...more

For The Love Of Children: Help Us With The China Earthquake Effort

Every time I open the newspaper or click open a news feed these days, my heart breaks. Breaks. War, crime, natural disaster: there's always something. And in recent days in particular, with the death toll in Burma climbing while authorities there continue to stymie aid efforts, and now the earthquake in China... I can barely stand to open the newspaper or follow the news links because I know that I'm going to have to hold my breath and press my fists to my eyes to keep from crying. ...more