Holiday Decor

Halloween always reminds me of costumes and decorations for the upcoming series of Holidays!...more

Happy Halloween

Happy, belated, Halloween to ya'll! I hope everyone had a fun, and safe night last night. Halloween is always so fun in college. There are always many parties to choose from and crazy costumes to wear. I came home this Halloween. For the first time in four years, Halloween fell on the weekend so I could come home for my Maw Maw (my grandmother, for all you non-Louisiana people) and my Moma's Birthdays! After we celebrated, I met up with my cousins to further celebrate All Hallows Eve. It was a great night. What did ya'll do? Any fun parties?...more

Trick-or-Treat Lasts For Weeks Around Here

I put the kibosh on the unlimited Halloween candy fest the day after beggar’s night. The boys gorged for one glorious day.“Gorge!! Are you serious??” my 13-year old protests as he reads over my shoulder. “I had one Butterfinger on beggar’s night! The next morning, as soon as we woke up, you told us we could only have two pieces.”...more

I put it all in one bag and keep it in my closet. I give them three pices at three different ...more

Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women on the Cheap

Wanna win that costume contest with an original idea? Don't want to tramp out like Mistress Skankalot? Check out these costume ideas that are affordable and original!...more

Sex Offenders & Halloween

There’ll be no Halloween this year…well at least not for many sex offenders in TN. ...more

Keeping your Kids Safe on the Road at Halloween

Halloween is the most dangerous day of the year for children to walk....more

Halloween and Other Autumn Pet Hazards

Beyond the dignity-defying costumes (oh, but so entertaining!), there are numerous seasonal dangers that threaten our animal friends. You may already know that chocolate won't jive with Fido's innards, but what about chewing gum or raisins? Bad (for) doggie. Furthermore, with the onset of winter, use of anti-depressants goes up and more than 50 percent of all pet poisonings involve human drugs.  ...more

Right you are, Amy. They may feign lack of interest but don't be fooled. Keep the Reese's ...more

Halloween Tricks and Contest Treats



We woke up to rain this morning.  Forty eight degrees and raining.  Shane still had to go out for a walk and I signed up to do the 5k Freedom from Running event at the Utica Marina.  ...more