I Want Candy

All year long I do my best to limit my children's candy intake. I practice being a loving mother and rarely buy candy. If my children come into good fortune and obtain candy, then they must eat it after dinner, and only one piece.Then, comes that one holiday where children are showered with pounds and pounds of sugar....more

Ten Reasons Why They Can't Keep the Candy

The candied-up, sugar high makes them act like fools.Which makes me crazy.They leave candy wrappers all over my house, stuck in the couch cushions and magically just beside (but not actually in) the trash can.Which makes me crazy.This sudden and unusual influx of sugar in the house suddenly makes them think that they are somehow entitled to get candy after every meal. What?! Why not?!...more

What Were You For Halloween?: Finding the Perfect Costume Idea

Today is Sunday, November 2nd, which means Friday night was Halloween! I have to say, I’m pretty dang pleased with my costume for this year. It’s an idea Alex and I had tossed around the last couple of years as something that would be pretty cool, but we kept shooting it down because we thought it too difficult. Well this year, we said “hell with that,” and went for it anyway.Can you guess who we are? Keep reading and you’ll see some hints along the way....more

Has the Fun Gone Out of Halloween?

Decorate a Pumpkin - The Safe and Easy Way!

After I bought two pumpkins, a friend with a big garden gave me three more!  I decided one trip to the hospital this year was enough though, so we're not cutting any more pumpkins to make jack-o'-lanterns this year! (My son's hand slipped while carving one of them this week, and he ended up with stitches. You can read about that here.)Yesterday, I started thinking about different ways to decorate our remaining pumpkins....more

Halloween Is Just Not My Holiday

Halloween is nearly here.  Children and adults alike will dress up and even decorate their homes. I have put the fall wreath and flag out, but no Halloween decorations....more

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!!

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!! ...more

Trade Treats To The Treat Trader Phantom

We all love Halloween, right? We love to get the kiddos dressed up because they look so darned cute! They love picking out their costumes months ahead of time. I mean come on, how many Frozen Princesses are we going to have this year? And how about Those adorable Box Trolls? Lets not exclude ourselves adults, I can already see Austin’s Own 6th Street crowded with Orange Is The New Black Prisoners....more

Black and Teal Halloween Pumpkins with Dots and Sprinkles

Have you picked up your pumpkins yet?  If you want to do some quick and easy Halloween decorating, I think pumpkins are the way to go.  We picked up a few small ones at the pumpkin patch and decided to paint them with some black and teal-colored paint.  My little girl loves painting and doing crafts, so she was happy to take on this simple, kid-friendly project.  She did require , however, that sprinkles get involved, too! ...more
Your pumpkins are so cute! I am pretty last-minute with Halloween decorations too!more