Heisenberg Lives!

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Bath Salt Zombies

While the synthetic illicit drugs known as “bath salts” have gained plenty of media attention over the last several years, few people know what bath salts are and how they affect your brain. Bath Salt Zombies delves into the chemical and physical reactions that happen in your body when you take bath salts. This motion graphic is brought to you by Clarity Way Rehab...more

Happy Halloween OR Sad End to NaBloWriMo

A Sad Halloween ~ End of 2013 NaBloWriMo...more

The Husband

The wind howled and threw debris against my window. I laid in bed listening to the storm rage outside, as loud as the storm raging in my head. It had been a year almost to the day that my husband killed that girl. She was blackmailing him, so he said. She wanted our money to keep quiet. They argued at the top of her stairs. She fell. She disappeared.In the year that passed, the police never came knocking. Never knew a thing, but I know. I know it all....more

Trick or Treat for Special Needs Ghosts and Goblins

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Halloween Of Yesterday ©

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How Young Is Too Young to Trick-or-Treat? Do I Have to Give Your Baby Candy?

Last Halloween, a parent with an infant strapped to her chest came to my door asking for candy. I leaned around her, looking perhaps for a toddler or preschooler, but no other kids were in sight -- just her and her two-month-old. Call me crazy, but in my experience babies too young to hold their heads up shouldn’t eat Tootsie Rolls. ...more
I agree and turned down the mom last year on principle.  She tried to show me how cute her kid ...more

Taking the Boo! out of Halloween

Super heroes, monsters, and princesses…oh my! Halloween is fast approaching and is often a favorite holiday for kids. You dress up and get lots of candy for free; what’s not to like! However, Halloween can present some safety concerns for parents. Make your Halloween safe and happy by following these safety tips.Chemical Safety. There are a few chemical safety issues to be aware of during the spooky season, such as...more