DIY No-Sew Baby Sushi Costume

I love creating our own Halloween costumes! We started brainstorming on our costume ideas months before Halloween, which helps us get great deals from every store before Halloween. We love it that much! We save a lot of money in creating our costumes every year and we get to be creative as a family. Seriously, can you believe how expensive the costumes are now? ...more

Last Minute No Sew DIY Emmet From The Lego Movie Costume

Last Minute No Sew DIY EmmetFrom The Lego Movie Costume...more
None of these photos work....more

Trick or Tweet: Join our Bloggy Costume Party

Part of the joy of Halloween is seeing the costumes that parade by your front door when you pass out candy.  Just as we've perfected the virtual party via Twitter, there's no reason why we can't use a blog post to march up to each other's figurative door and show off our costume. After all, this is social media. So consider this open thread one big Halloween party with B.Y.O.A.B. (bring your own apple bobbing). ...more

If you're easily offended by everything, don't read this...

Recently I've noticed that there are a certain amount of people who are easily offended by just about everything.  These people offend me.This week's chief offender is former Dancing with the Star Julianne Hough who dressed up for Halloween as some character I've never heard of, from some reality or TV show I couldn't care less about...but from what I've read, this character is apparently black.  ...more
elaineR.N.  I think we've used the word racist so much that our kids are going to be ill ...more

Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood aka Kate     My adorable niece, Kate, wanted desperately to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween- ...more

Octonauts Halloween Costumes

It's been almost 10 months since the Octonauts entered our family's lives and my boys are still absolutely bananas over those loveable little deep sea explorers! We've already had one Octonauts-themed birthday party and if the obsession continues, we might have another one in February!...more

Bunch O' Grapes - DIY Costume Guide

Day 1 of the Chick or Treat Series - To follow the entire series visit

(INTERVIEW) Nerdy Apple Bottom: 44k Comments, CNN and One Viral Post

Nerdy Apple Bottom wrote a post. About her son. As many parenting bloggers are wont to do. And she posted it on her blog as well as BlogHer, and 44,000+ comments later, people are still talking about her son's Daphne costume. Except now that it is on CNN, Forbes, and the newspapers around the country, the discussion is no longer about whether or not her son should wear a Daphne costume to school for Halloween, but has crossed the line into critiquing Nerdy Apple Bottom's parenting in general. ...more

Not viral, by any means, but when my blog got a surprise (to me) spot on the NY Times website, I ...more

Halloweeniac: It's Not Easy Being Queen

Every town has one: a Queen of Halloween. It's a heavy burden (mostly because full size candy bars are expensive!) but I love it! Read more at Pajamas and Coffee. (pic of my house:) ...more





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Adventures in Thrifty Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I have always pulled the working mom excuse and bought costumes for my kids.  Sometimes we got hand-me-downs or found deals at costume swap events, but for the most part, we forked over large sums of money for costumes. This year was different!  I was somehow inspired to make my daughter’s costume and it cost less than five dollars.  If you’re already crafty and can sew, move along, you will be seriously underwhelmed! ...more

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Angela at mommy bytes BlogHer ...more