I Love Halloween

As a kid, I loved Halloween because, candy. Not gonna lie. I love candy. I love chocolate, Twizzlers, Dots (OMG Dots), Peanut M&Ms, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. My tastes have refined a bit, I'm more of a dark chocolate girl now, but as a kid, any and all candy. My husband has the same affliction. We have proudly passed this love of sugar to our children....more


from April 8 :)...more
Baby Dalek. OMG!more

Halloween 2013 was a blast!


Baby Carrot

It's been a busy knitting month at my house, so I have two projects to show off.  Today I'll show you guys the carrot cocoon that I made to go with baby's hat.  It was super quick -- I was done in two evenings and I'm not a fast knitter.  I'm a little obsessed with how cute it is....more
Hi!  stopped by your FB page, gave you a like!  Your funny!  Cute blog and posts!  Enjoyed your ...more

Halloween Is Getting Earlier And Earlier!

Bellonheels.com Number four didn’t FEEL like a picture. 75% isn’t bad....more