Halwa (Indian carrot cake dessert)

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Pineapple Halwa - Indian Pineapple Pudding


Fond Memories of Mom's Halwa

When I was little, till I was not-so-little (:)), my mom used to make this yummy halwa at home which was served to me piping hot and doused in ghee (clarified butter). It had a lovely creamy texture and felt great when it went down my throat - like sliding satin! And, of course, the dollops of the ghee really helped smooth its way through. ...more

Diwali Desserts

Desserts are a part of the Diwali celebration. A favorite at our house is halwa. It is all things to all people, this dessert--a pudding or a fudge. In some recipes, it's based on semolina, like the southern version called Kesari, and has a texture like gelatin. Other versions use carrots or mung beans.Tirunelveli halwa is in a class by itself, with its red color and unusual aroma. ...more

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