Retro desk into a coffee station

I can’t begin the story of this little retro desk until I explain first why on earth I need another piece of furniture in my kitchen. The plan was for the outside glass door there beside the kitchen sink to swing in and fold over in front of the window, so I chose a window the width of a regular exterior door and just left this area totally empty. I had the dream of this door swinging in and against the window/wall: getting conveniently and awesomely and totally out of the way in the summer time when we would then use the outside screen door instead....more

Before and After: The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set!

And now, we’ve come to the final piece of the puzzle of our bedroom set. The last Hollywood dresser before and after reveal!...more

How to Minimize Brush Strokes

I'm often asked how I minimize brush strokes and get that super smooth finish on my painted furniture pieces. Getting that beautiful smooth eggshell finish on your painted furniture projects essentially begins with choosing the right paint and brush for the job. Do yourself a favor and invest in a natural bristle brush. It really does make a difference and you're worth it!...more

DIY-To Paint or Not to Paint

Ah, that is the million dollar question. Last week I posted a photo of a refurbishing painting project I did for my mom’s entryway. I took an old knotty pine cupboard that had seen better days, that we had purchased for next to nothing at auction…...more

An Old School Desk is Given a Fresh Look With a Hand Painted Touch

I think my designer eye is rubbing off on my husband because he recently waltzed into our house very proud of himself that he and my son Holden found a old school desk with a “free” sign on someone’s lawn.  I must say I was pretty impressed, the desk was perfect for Holden’s room.  It was time to get creative!...more

A Portable Pantry for Fruits & Veggies

The other night the kid and I were camped out in front of the tv with a frozen pizza baking in the oven. I was in full-on 'bad babysitter' mode since the hubs was out of town. I caught a whiff of onion-y goodness and headed into the kitchen. And as I rounded the couch I saw this guy... ...more
I love the orange. Love, love, love, love, love it.more

French Script Set of Drawers

Well, I made through three birthdays this past week - two of them belonging to my now 15 year old twins.  You know what they both requested as a "present"?...more

Getting Started in Blog Land

 I am a massage therapist by day, and a furniture painter in my free time. I have recently discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), and it re-ignited my love for painting. Growing up and on into my young adult years I was an artist. I worked with pastels, oils, watercolors, just about any medium. I also loved antiques, and as a hobby would go trolling estate sales, flea markets, and just about anywhere I could find a deal. I usually wound up buying some inexpensive piece, and repairing it and then restoring it....more