3 Ways to Stay Healthy WhenYou Fly

3 Ways to Stay Healthy When FlyingI can't say that I necessarily enjoy travelling. In fact, it's probably one of my least-favorite things to do. However, it seems like we go out-of-town every few months. We don't go to exotic places; it's usually to NYC or NJ. I used to get sick whenever we came home, until I started taking these 3 simple steps when flying. I haven't been sick in a very long time. My family makes fun of me, but I don't care! Here are 3 ways you can stay healthy when flying.Shut Off the Overhead Air Vent ...more

How Does This Happen?

Hand Sani Recalled Due to Bacterial Contamination.I guess that "dangerous bacteria" was part of the 0.01% of germs that Purell doesn't kill. I MEAN FUCK. How in the what the what even I can't.How is this even possible?...more

Health Risks of Anti-Bacterial Soaps

With fears of H1N1 running rampant, it seems like everywhere you turn, there’s antibacterial gel, antibacterial soap and other antibacterial cleansers.  But are these cleansers really necessary, not to mention safe, or do they actually post health risks?  Today’s guest post addresses these questions. ...more

Bath time rituals - a soapy story.

Bath time is sacred. I enjoy it an unreasonable amount, but a private bath isn’t always easy to achieve. When my daughter was very young, I announced I needed a few minutes after work to decompress in the tub and then she could tell me everything, ask me anything.  At first that was okay with her - until it wasn’t.  She sat outside the bathroom door, asking me is it time yet?  ...more