Life...Phase 2 - Introducing Mad Hatter Salvage!

NOTE:  So this is my first post on Blogher and I cannot figure out why my photos are not showing up - how disappointing.  What good is a blog about the products you've been creating without being able to actually see the products???  (I HATE those little red boxed "x's" - uugghh!!)  I guess more research is needed...I am so very excited to be on the verge of "Phase 2" of my life. What that means exactly is that after almost 21 years of wedded bliss, the hubbz is retiring and we are embarking on new adventures!...more

Get Nailed - State Shaped String Art

 Yay! It's time for another Pinterest Challengeā€”the monthly post where I talk about a project I dug out of the depths of Pinterest stagnation and brought into the light of reality. Pinning is awesome, but doing is even better....more
Any way you could share where you found your Indiana state template? I have a craft night ...more

Greenman Photo Print

 This is a photo print of my Greenman painting, it is done on photo paper plus glossy II with a boarder. Can be placed in any standard photo frame. I don't know why but the photo showing on the monitor looks like there are stripes going through the picture, my photo does NOT have those stripes.

Don't read this if you are hungry...

Last week at the BlogHer 10 conference in NYC, 2,400 bloggers/attendees gathered to discuss all things blogging and, of course, to have fun. I was delighted to meet blogger and artist Carol Gillott who creates the lovely blog Paris Breakfasts....more

Digital Kid Syndrome: Are Your Kids Couch Potatoes?

I dream about a world--or maybe just a weekend--without a Wii, Xbox, or iPod. My kids would talk to me and other real people in real time. Their eyes would enjoy looking at real things like books, bicycles, broccoli, and basketball courts. Their arms and legs would move with real things like the vacuum cleaner! ...more

It's So Etsy: Modern Plushie Toy for Babies

I can't resist the gaze of this adorable handmadeĀ plushie. ...more