The sadness of hand me downs

After almost three years of putting away Julianna’s clothes for “the next person to have a girl,” we have busted out one, stuffed to the top bin. My first reaction was the same when we put them in – Gosh, this stuff is cute. Then – Why does she have so much stuff?! Oh yea – because shopping for a little girl is so much fun and everyone we know either did it for us… or we got the hook up from one friend who basically gave us everything her very stylish daughter wore. (Thanks Courtney.) Now, it’s our turn to pass along that favor....more

What Do You Do with Baby Clothes When You No Longer Need Them?

As my youngest, who just turned four months, begins to outgrow his clothing, I'm finding in myself an unexpected sentimentality. Many of the baby clothes we have were originally my oldest's (now seven years old!) and have been handed down to each of the boys in turn. There are several outfits that all four have worn, and every time I bring out a box of the next size up, I am heard to squeal, "Oh, this was my favorite! No, this was my favorite!" I look forward to putting certain outfits on the new baby as he grows into them....more

The 80's Called...

I had occasion to revisit the 80's yesterday.  It happens from time to time.  Most recently when the kids came across an old picture of their dad and asked what was up with his hair.  He had a mullet.Correction.  It was just short in the front and long in the back.  It totally wasn't a mullet.  Right.Not too long before that, the kids found a picture of me.  Shudder.  I was wearing....wait for it.....a purple jumpsuit with a fluorescent geometric print shirt.  Hell yeah.  More impressive th...more

I completely forgot about that! My favorite eighties piece was my Thriller Jacket! I rocked it :Omore

They Keep On Growing

One thing about parenting that I was not prepared for and in truth, never really thought about, is how quickly kids grow.  I am not referring to growing in years, learning to walk, talk, read, write (all of these also happen fast), but I am referring to physical growth. The rate at which my children out grow pants, sweaters and shoes amazes me....more