Popcorn and Gummy Bears Cause Hangovers

I've been sick with a sinus infection for awhile now.  I'm pretty sure there's some type of X-Files alien mold spore living in my home that only I am allergic to.  One morning, I'm going to sneeze and a ton of dust bunnies is going to shoot out of my nose and I will crumple into a heap of Carrie dust.My kids will probably track me all over the carpet, too.I have been living on Mucinex for the last 2 weeks, and that stuff is fantastic, but it makes me hungry.  Like "I got the munchies" kind of hungry....more

Healthy Ways to Avoid a St. Patrick's Day Hangover

St. Patrick's Day is here and that means green food, green garb and yes, lots and lots of green booze. While many will partake in the Irish themed festivities, there are ways to keep from partaking in the day after traditions of feeling ill. I've compiled some of my easy and healthy tips to keep you from being green well into the days following St. Paddy's Day!What to do before your green hued liquor binge:...more

3 Tips on Surviving the Holiday Hangover

The holidays: a time for charity, cheer, and maybe just a little bit too much drinking at the office party. EVERYONE has a great office party story about the intern who passed out in the closet or the time a stuck up CEO donned a lampshade and started doing the Macarena.But when the festivities end, business must begin. So how do you combat the dreaded holiday hangover? As long as you throw any caloric concern out the window, you can arrive at the office bright and chipper despite having had a bit too much the night before by:...more

What Are You Waiting For?

Mercy and Other So-Called Hangover Cures

Humans have been trying to solve the problem of hangovers for as long as there has been alcohol. In fact, some of those old recipes have gained such popularity that they are now staples. But is there really such a thing as a hangover "cure"? ...more
@BartoloJ75 @avflox ha! exactly! And a real Mexican Coke (the drink) :)more

Metaphysical Hangover

Why is it that drinking makes you love your life, but the next day you want to kill yourself?When you were in college, hangovers just meant a headache and some puking. Now hangovers take on this introspective turn and you feel like a bad person for drinking, for not having the job you want, and for being alone. I know, I know, LOL.And on top of that, every activity is an insurmountable task. Like being vertical. Or going to the bathroom.When I was in my early twenties, I could party till 3 AM and go to work the next day. Now? I can't even bring myself to PEE....more

St. Patrick's Day Hangover Fighting Foods

St. Patrick’s Day, it’s the second drinking holiday of the year (the 1st is Super bowl Sunday, of course)! We celebrate with wearing green, decorating with 4 leaf clovers and leprechauns but most of all green colored booze and food. In the spirit of the liquored up day, I compiled a collection of Irish themed foods that are yummy treats that also will help prevent or help hangovers.Start your morning with these:IRISH SCONES    * 1 cup white flour    * 4 ounces vegan butter — softened...more

Hangover Tacos!

Did you survive yesterday at work? :-)

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Just Add Water

I recently had a rather humiliating experience that I finally decided to share with the world…in hopes I can make you laugh today.  Last week my husband was out of town and I was home alone with the girls.  Usually this stresses me out, but not this time.  I was quite calm and was having fun with my daughters. ...more

The Difference Is Four Percent

As if we aren't self-conscious enough about stepping through the looking glass of marriage and parenthood, occasionally something small occurs to crystallize a reality that we are no longer "cool" in the same way we were in our sing ...more

I read a few years ago about Victoria's Secret taking some heat for a similar thing. ...more