The New Female Reformers: Nikki Haley

This why so many conservative women are bewildered when liberal women reject us from the ranks of feminism. Compared to fighting the sexism and corruption that still exists within some pockets of the Republican Party, whining about choice seems frivolous. We're working to weed out corruption and eliminate barriers to political involvement. They're parading rusted coat hangers around. While we're advocating for policies that reduce taxes and help everyday Americans, they seem stuck in a time warp. ...more
While I appreciate your detaching of  religious belief from your politics, something very few ...more

Feminism's Last Chance for Legitimacy

Be careful for what you wish. The fem blogs finally noticed the craziness going down in South Carolina. Rather than use this as an opportunity to attack the establishment good ol' boy network, they question if the allegations were true....more

The Case Against Judgement

Last month, writer Hanna Rosin had the Internet alive with buzz about her article in the April issue of Atlantic Monthly, entitled, "The Case Against Breastfeeding." In it, she addresses one of the key issues in The Mommy Wars and wonders if breastfeeding is the 2009 equivalent of the vacuum cleaner, tying women to the house, keeping them from their careers, goals and equality with men. ...more

What if breast isn't best?

Done exclusively, breastfeeding is a full time job. But has anyone ever presented it to you in such terms? In her new article for the Atlantic, “The Case Against Breastfeeding,” Hanna Rosin brings up a little discussed downside of the pro-breast movement: ...more
I tried and tried to breastfeed with my first daughter, but just couldn't produce enough milk. I ...more

The Case Against Blaming Mothers

The Atlantic recently published an article by journalist Hanna Rosin entitled ‘The Case Against Breastfeeding.”  Full of haphazardly injected studies and themes reminiscent of Jill Lepore’s meticulous ...more