Are These 4 Things Running Your Life?

Do you ever dream of making changes in your life but feel like something is holding you back, but you’re just not sure what that is?We’ve all been in that place. Whether it’s leaving our job, asking for a raise, negotiating more flexible work hours or saying no to an endless request of our time from other people. We dream of changing a situation in our life. We may even make a plan to do it.But then it happens....more

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY.....Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life...THOUGHTS....BE FABULOUS

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY AND NOT A CAREER…..I often hear stories of how people turned their hobby into a money making career. I applaud those people who do that. I think it is very possible to do that…..but I also think more often than not a hobby or even a passion is best left for enjoyment rather than to build a financial or career life around it…..Yes, Seek our Passion, but sometimes our passion does not always pay the bills…...more

UN International Day of Happiness

Today is the United Nation’s second International Day of Happiness. Yes, you heard it, Happiness.Laugh. Cry. Jump. Crawl. Kiss. Love. Sleep. Happy. Rejoice. Hooray. Yahooooo!...more

Everything You Need, You Already Have!

Yeah, what I am about to tell you is nothing new, it is everywhere and if you pay a little attention to your surroundings and exhale, you will find it....more

Learn How to Cheer Up and Feel Better.

I just love the Internet. You can find anything on it....more

I really enjoy inspirational quotes also. They do the trick quite often. ...more

Five Regrets of the Dying

Bronnie Ware is a writer, a singer/songwriter and a speaker from Australia. She also teaches songwriting in a women's prison. Drawing on her diverse background and vast life experiences, Bronnie shares her inspiring thoughts through her delightful blog Inspiration and Chai....more