Happiness Is...


If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

A few weeks ago I saw a news story on Tess Holliday.  She was beautiful, happy, just signed a modeling contract and was a size 22.  Her genuine self-confidence shook me to my core.  The interviewer asked her a question about her health, and she had the perfect answer: Health is a personal thing.  That was it....more

Fifty Shades of Concrete

It began as a convenience store - a Minit Mart or 7-Eleven maybe... I forget, but you know the building I’m talking about. For several years they were successful selling gas, cigarettes and Big Swigs before they moved closer to the interstate and abandoned this structure.  After a while, a talented burger-flipper thought he could turn the empty building into a lucrative greasy spoon, but he was wrong. The concrete blocks were soon vacant again....more

Surviving Life - Chasing the Dream

I have a confession to make.  OK, well it is more of a gu...more

Reflection of You

The pile in the corner keeps building with the history of your youth. Clothing of long gone family members, the boxes of photos of people you don't know, your first report card, and your favorite toy you received for Christmas. These are just a sample of what you believe are reflections of you....more

Wanna be Happier? Feed your Hippocampus…

Yes, the hippocampus, that area of the brain responsible for happiness and memories. You really should know how to feed and nurture it to help boost your mood in down times.According a Harris Poll, only 1 in 3 American are very happy. Research has shown that people who are happy have healthier hearts, lower levels of stress hormones and live longer....more

One decision can change your life

Do you seek out happiness or do you just assume it will appear in your life the way rain drops down from the sky?...more

10 Easy Gratitude Habits

Gratitude is scientifically proven to make us happier. I've put this Top Ten List together to help jumpstart your gratitude habit! This new thankful attitude will help your mind focus on the little joys available to all of us everyday. These suggestions are easy to do! Share your experiences in adapting some of these thankful habits....more

3 (More) Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Week

Originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health. ...more

This simple, fast (and free) exercise could change your life!

I had a not-so- pleasant realization the other day that really stopped me in my tracks; I am not sure I have been living my priorities.  It’s not that I’ve been living without values and that I don’t have priorities.  But if someone were examining my daily, weekly and monthly schedule they might be a little confused with how my “priorities” are jiving with how I’m spending a lot of my time....more