Motivated Mornings

How did you feel this morning? Motivated and fired up or demotivated because it’s still not Friday? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the amount that you have to do and don’t know where to start, wishing it was the weekend so you don’t have to face it.But it really doesn’t have to be like this how would you like to feel fired up and raring to go everyday irrespective of where you are in the week?...more

15 Super Easy Ways To Stay Happy Every Day

“Happiness for any reason, is just another form of misery”When I first read that statement, I confess it baffled me. Then I realized: as long as we make our happiness dependent on someone or something else, it’s always at risk of being taken away.Sustainable happiness comes from the small things we do every day, the little actions, the way we think, how we feel minute to minute.  It’s manageable and available as a choice....more

Embracing the dark side

The bears in my household outnumber me. They are there in the morning, facing me with their anger at the fact that the sun has risen in the sky yet again, forcing them from their slumber and making them face another day. I try to focus on my thankfulness that it is another beautiful day; I try to enjoy the morning...but why do people think that it is OK to be snippy just because they are sleepy?...more

Project Happy

Being happy is underrated, and believe me, I would know.This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions. Changes are happening left, right and center; relationships starting up and falling apart, and then starting up again, probably only to fall apart, once again. But regardless of all of the crappy, horrible things happening, I’m still trying desperately to find the silver lining in all of it. I know it’s there, but there are days where finding the ‘happy’ of it all seems nearly impossible.That’s why I’ve learned to make my own happy....more


If you know that happiness is your truth then you will love this week's song of the week --- cause nothing can bring us down --Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

10 Self-Care Tips I've Started

   Come visit me at Happy Apple for more blog posts! Michaela Hoffman  ...more

Make It A Great Day...Or Not. The Choice Is Yours

I heard those words every day in high school. At the end of morning announcements, our principal would wrap up with that simple phrase. I don't know how many other people took those words to heart, but I did and still do.Image via Shutterstock...more
Good reminder. I saw something online right after I got up that made me cranky. But I can choose ...more

Do What Makes You Happy

Another birthday is around the corner and I have been thinking about the events around the world and in my own life these last few weeks. During these moments of reflection, my thoughts keep circling back to two significant points....more


Wow!! I finally built up enough courage to take a Leap Of Faith. After 5 ½ years I finally quit my job that was making me miserable. I never knew that I had this type of courage and faith. I gave my ex-employer a month notice about my resignation. Being a person that has let fear and anxiety take control of my life I was so surprised that I was extremely calm and at peace with this decision. I decided to leave my job without a safety net. During the last month of working I was actually offered, accepted, and started to work a second job....more

You make me happy yet mad.

This guy I have been dating sine March (we are not official quite yet) is such a lover, yet teaser. You see.....he fought for us to meet. I liked this other guy at the time and did not know this other guy would have truly broken my heart, but he did. Then, I gave the guy I am with now a chance. His name is Bryan and he is so so wonderful. We texted for a week before we met and we sent each other sweet videos and texts. But, the thing is he does not like over attachment or to text too much. I have anxiety as the girl I am and I freak out very easily....more