Do What Makes You Happy

Another birthday is around the corner and I have been thinking about the events around the world and in my own life these last few weeks. During these moments of reflection, my thoughts keep circling back to two significant points....more


Wow!! I finally built up enough courage to take a Leap Of Faith. After 5 ½ years I finally quit my job that was making me miserable. I never knew that I had this type of courage and faith. I gave my ex-employer a month notice about my resignation. Being a person that has let fear and anxiety take control of my life I was so surprised that I was extremely calm and at peace with this decision. I decided to leave my job without a safety net. During the last month of working I was actually offered, accepted, and started to work a second job....more

You make me happy yet mad.

This guy I have been dating sine March (we are not official quite yet) is such a lover, yet teaser. You see.....he fought for us to meet. I liked this other guy at the time and did not know this other guy would have truly broken my heart, but he did. Then, I gave the guy I am with now a chance. His name is Bryan and he is so so wonderful. We texted for a week before we met and we sent each other sweet videos and texts. But, the thing is he does not like over attachment or to text too much. I have anxiety as the girl I am and I freak out very easily....more

There is now a happiness equation

Whenever I used to ask my mother what she wanted for a birthday or Christmas, she would always answer the same thing: "Nothing." If pressed, she would tell me that all she wanted was for us to be happy....more

Life Excites Life Excites Life


How to Get Happy (for Real)

I have been thinking about joy and happiness for a while and how that relates to health.  Yes, HAPPINESS brings health and wellbeing!...more
Willybeach: I am glad we found each other! Somehow when things are difficult and you can still ...more

The Joy of Candles


#100HappyDays and 24 Hours of Happy

 Image from 24 Hours of Happy....more

#100HappyDays Challenge