Want to Give Your Kids An Awesome Christmas Present? Give Them This.

Want to give children something truly special for the holidays? Let them help you with your Christmas tasks.I will never forget the Christmas when I took my four-year-old son on the Polar Express train ride, to visit Santa at his local hangout, to the tree lighting ceremony, and to the Christmas story time at the library....more

Don't Forget The Happy

It's easy to write a blog post about those things that make me unhappy...and Lord knows I have written a lot of those lately.  But what about those things that make me happy?  I know it shouldn't be that hard so why don't I write more about them?  Tonight I plan to do just that. Sometimes when I am in the abyss it's hard to think of anything that would make me really HAPPY.  I mean what IS happiness anyway?  But the reality is I know what happiness is....more

Happiness happens in ordinary moments

What does happiness mean to you? My husband always says that happiness is a choice- to be satisfied with what you have, to be kind, to love and let others love you. I think in this instance, (which doesn't happen very often!) he is right!...more

Using Up The Last Few Days Of Summer - Little Buffalo State Park

I don't know about where you live, but where we live we are within driving distance to several State Parks. And because the weather has been so cool this Summer, and although it's August, last week was the first time we'd been to the pool. Lil Man had a blast....more

10 Lessons I Have Learned About Life…

This year I have become more insightful and understanding of my past, which I will share soon. I have learned in order to be truly happy with yourself, you must first accept everything about YOU and retrain your mind to think positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts. From observing different situations and life lessons I’ve been through, I have come up with a list to guide me how to live my life....more
LOVE THIS !!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank youmore


TRUE SUCCESS……True Success is not somewhere in the future waiting for us…….True success is not when we perfect our lives as we think they should look like….True success is not when we achieve our elusive goals…..No True success is not out there waiting for us……because True Success in here now……...more

Can You Be Happy For 100 Days?


Getting Our Happy Back

Hello,I am Jackie Roseboom aka Traveljac. Thank you for reading my first blog post. ...more