My 8 year old daughter is in love, and I couldn't be happier (spoiler: this story will melt your heart!)

Just two weeks ago, my sweet little girl fell in love.I knew it was coming and I did nothing to prevent it.  You might even say that I spurred it along.We celebrated CurlyQ's 8th birthday and a week later, she finally got to hold her gift: a 13 week old English Springer Spaniel puppy.She named him Sam....more

My Father

In 1892 when my father was 5 years old, an Aunt and Uncle brought him to the United States from Portugal for what was to be a short visit, but which lasted until he was 12 years old.They settled in New London, Ct in a house next door to a family with five sons and to whom a daughter was to be born when my father was ten years old.This baby girl became my mother.  But that was long in the future and much was to take place in my father's life before that happened....more
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