Disney Princesses as Mothers: After Happily Ever After

Confession time: I love Disney princesses.Even as a tomboy, I grew up recognizing that those royal ladies had it going on. Pet tigers, libraries full of amazing books, and a treasure collection! A posse of seven guys that never once betrayed the Friend Zone? That’s what’s up. The princesses were a feisty, talented bunch who managed to look fabulous in every outfit they wore. Frumpy blue dress with an apron? Fabulous. Yellow ball gown with a weird hair-nest on top of her head? Fab-u-lous....more
So true, they do get more interesting after the happily ever after!  I want to make sure I teach ...more

Inspiration from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

Some rescue groups prove their point by showing graphic photos of the very worst cases of abuse and neglect. These horrific images cower in a dark corner of my brain forever. Their torture leaves a mark on us, too....more

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded...Sometimes. An update on giving up shopping.

Who would have thunk it? That I would find Beauty while stuck in Security at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport....more

Happy Endings

When I was a kid, I would have horrific nightmares.  Not horrific in that they included blood and gore, but horrific in I was always running for my life.  I would dream that I was being pursued and I knew if I was caught or discovered it would be lethal.  I would find myself on the street of my maternal grandparents – stopping at each door knocking madly for someone to help me, to offer me safety, to do something anything. Door after door remained closed, cars were on the street, but nobody was home.  Finally, a door opens....more