Happy Holidays! Regardless of what you celebrate or don't -- take time today to play and enjoy time with family and or friends. Inspiritual:A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

President Elect Trump opened his Wisconsin and Michigan Thank You Rallies by saying "...we are going to say merry Christmas again...".  Trump is under the mistaken impression that many including Breitbart News, Alan West and many others hold, that President Obama banned federal employees from saying Merry Christmas....more

5 Ways to Declare "Peace on Christmas" this Year

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The "happy holidays" social media controversy

If you have been on any level of social media in the past seven days, you have doubtlessly seen the posts.  All over the blogsphere people are up in arms over the civil and polite "happy holidays," touting the "right" to say "merry christmas" to anyone, everyone, and especially those who don't celebrate christmas. ...more

Merry Holidays

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Wishing Everyone the Best on Christmas Day

Why reinvent the wheel? This song says it all, and says it beautifully. Judy Garland brought it to us first in Meet Me in St. Louis, a 1944 musical.We mean every word and wish everyone the very best of the season and many blessings in 2012. From our family to yours:Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas*Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Let your heart be lightFrom now on,Our troubles will be out of sight...more

When Did Saying "Happy Holidays!" Become a Bad Thing?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us, and apparently, we can count on two things - a showdown in Congress and whining about the supposed war on Christmas. It's ironic, isn't it? Everywhere you look, there are Christmas decorations. Christmas music is being piped into every store and restaurant. The Christmas season has stretched longer and longer, with Christmas merchandise now appearing in stores even before Halloween. And yet, somehow, this isn't enough emphasis on Christmas for some. Consider the following examples: ...more
I hear it all the time, I'm atheist and I still say it to people.more

Happy Holidays to all

To all my BlogHer friends, Happy Holidays!I am really fortunate to be spending time with family and friends for the holidays. The decorations are up, the cookies are baked and we had our first family Christmas dinner last night at our daughter Brenda’s house, we feasted on roasted turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and fresh rolls.Remember this is the season for miracles, a time to believe in magic and most importantly to have faith.Happy Christmas my friends! Hugs, Kary      ...more
"A time to believe in magic and most importantly to have faith." I couldn't have possibly said ...more

Buon Natale and Happy Holidays from The Garrubbo Guide!

Buon Natale and Happy Holidays from The Garrubbo Guide!...more
Grazie. And happy 2012. more

Santa's Elf: "Ron to the Rescue!"

Last week I bought a blu-ray DVD player at Walmart so I can view movies and get hooked into Netflix, which I will need this long winter since I've relocated from California to my small rural hometown in the Midwest.  I've been trying ever since to get the blasted thing connected.  I'm doing something wrong (of course) and it just won't play.  I really need that ...more