What Is Your Lollipop Moment

What Is Your Lollipop Moment?10 Jul, 2014 at 2:20 pm | Written by: Megan Wegner Goeke...more

Have No Life

Why do you feel so backward compared to your friends? Why do you get depressed when you look at what they’re doing that you’re not? “Are you going to the barbecue this weekend?” a girlfriend asks. “No,” you reply, not really knowing which barbecue she’s referring to, but since you weren’t invited to any, you’re not going anyway. “Oh, well that’s too bad,” your friend says, “We’ve been having barbecues all summer. So what are you doing?” “Nothing much,” you reply, “Errands, chores, you know – the usual.” “We’re refinishing our deck,” your friend says....more