HAPPY THOUGHT #41: Clean drinking water for 75 families! (Ugandan Water Project)

Ever get thirsty?  I do, and I have access to clean drinking water at multiple access points throughout my day.  Having traveled to Africa, I can somewhat imagine what it would be like to live in a hot country without clean drinking water at my disposal.  I also realize how disappointed I feel when I’m on a road trip with my daughter and she gets thirsty but I have no water in the car to give her.  I know it’s not comparable, but on a minor scale, it helps me understand....more

Happy thought #39: Chicken soup for the cat lover's soul CAT FOOD!

I had to see it to believe it.  "Chicken soup for the soul" has their own line up of cat food!  Oh my life.  What's next?   Shawna...more

Happy thought #38: How to be a grouch

Just try not to laugh.  I triple-grouch dare you....more

Happy thought #35: The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

To my surprise, Good Grief Guru received an unexpected blog award yesterday.  This award was received from an unsolicited reader, a fellow blogger I have never met.  Thank you to Dawn Storey from Alphabet Salad who honoured Good Grief Guru with this award....more

Happy thought #34: Dance like nobody's watching

I turn on Bobs & Lolo's "On your feet" song, and my daughter and I dance in the kitchen like nobody's watching.  She observes my goofy moves and I giggle as she tries to imitate my actions.  Indian bangles are lined up her arm, and hooped over her ears like earrings.  One by one they fly off as we throw our arms in the air.  We twirl in a circle shaking jazz hands as we go, and then fall down in a pile of laughter.  It's liberating, and laughable, to dance like nobody's watching....more

Happy thought #33: Laugh lines

Since I am 33 years old I thought it appropriate to use Happy Thought #33 to write about something I love, that is a little more evident at 33 than they were at age 32.  Laugh lines.  I love laugh lines.  I think they are beautiful, and I happen to really like mine.  If you have laugh lines too I can guarantee I will also like yours....more

Happy thought #31: Zee Avi

(I highly recommend visiting my website to listen to the audio version of this post.  Just click on the audio file at the bottom of the post on my site.)Is Zee Avi the best kept secret, or am I the last to know?I stumbled upon her music the other day, and have been in love with it ever since.  Her music is liken to fairy twinkle dust.  Light, airy, and gave me the feeling of drifting off to Never Neverland....more

Happy thought #29: Cousin Sarah; Narnianist and inventor of umbrella tents

My cousin Sarah joined my family’s trip to Barbados this past January.  She was a welcomed addition, and quickly became the best friend, play mate, and most sought after individual in the house, by my daughter.Some of the first words out of my daughter’s mouth every morning were, “Where’s Sarah?”“She’s sleeping honey.  Let the poor girl sleep.”Throughout the day, when Alexis wanted to play hide and seek, watch a movie, or go to the beach, she would ask, “Sarah, do you want to come with me?  Yah?  Do you want to come?” ...more

Happy thought #26: dog...otherwise known as God when I'm not dyslexic

I often take God for granted.  I find Him in everything, and forget He is in all things.  I pause to consider that if He is the breath that keeps me alive, and the breath that is in me is returned to Him when I die, as Ecclesiastes 12:7 says, "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it" what can I do but stand in awe of He who has granted me this very next breath....more

Happy thought #25: Happy thoughts are catching

I was recording Happy Thought #24 while my daughter listened in.  When I was done she said, "Happy thought #2.  I love you, Mom!"So, I responded, "Happy thought #3.  I love you, Alexis."  Back and forth we went....more