Happy thought #15: I scream for ice cream!

I can’t protect my daughter from everything.  I know that.  But there are decisions I can make now that will help equip her to live the healthiest life she can live as she grows up.  One of the things I focus on a lot is her health.For that reason, I rarely allow my daughter to eat sugary treats.  In fact, I use every sugar coated opportunity to teach her the sour facts about not eating well....more
It was priceless to see her reaction to say the least. I think it was only as priceless as it ...more

Happy thought #13: Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream

Need I say more?   Shawnawww.GoodGriefGuru.com...more

Happy thought #10: Meat! (Vegetarians beware!)

 WARNING.  This post is for carnivores only.  Vegetarians will likely be offended…proceed with caution.I used to be a vegetarian for nearly 10 years.  I might have eaten a little chicken or fish if someone else were to cook it.  If I ever saw it raw though, forget it.  My appetite would be turned right off....more

Happy thought #7: Butterfly Conservatory

I visited the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario, with my Mom and a good friend of ours.Within the first minute of entering the butterfly zone, a white butterfly with black dots, landed on my bright pink floral-print shirt.  What a treat!...more

Happy thought #6: Glitter

Happy thoughts are like glitter.  Apply anytime to feel 10 years younger!  (And yes, it does help to use a photo from 10 years ago.)   Shawna...more

Happy thought #5: Tacos. Yum!

Tacos.  Mmmmmmm.  Sooooooo good.   Tacos are my favourite meal to date.  They are the perfect mix of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado, layered between beans or meat to give it substance.  A dollop of sour cream, spicy salsa for a kick of seasoned flavour, I’m almost ready to dig in.  I sprinkle a wee bit of devilish cheese on top, and pack it all in to a crunchy hammock of a tortilla shell.  Time to devour.  The crunch of the shell, the creamy avocado, the racy salsa…seriously, does it get any better than this?...more
Yah, do it, do it :) When I was pregnant, tacos were #1 on the list. :D Any day can be taco day.more

Happy thought #3 – It’s fun to be with you!

Listen to the audio of this post at GoodGriefGuru.com and you’ll hear my daughter and I talking about the fun we enjoy when we’re together.  There’s nothing like a game of fish, the sneaky snacky squirrel game, a good scare, and even a light switch, as long as we’re together!  My happiest moment this day however, was when she pr...more

Happy thoughts #1: Safe baby handling tips

Dealing with grief can get heavy at times.  I have found that in life there is good and bad in everything.  What makes me resilient depends on which I choose to focus on.  For that reason, I am adding daily Happy Thoughts to my Good Grief Guru blog.Follow along to see what makes me happy.  Maybe it will make you happy too.  Let’s try it out....more