Happy Valentine's Day!

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Limited Edition Valentine's Day scent from L'Occitane: Cherry Princess

don't forget to visit http://scentsnscentsibility.blogspot.com/ for the latest product and fragrance scent reviews!I'll keep this one short and sweet because there isn't much time left to choose your scent before the love-infested holiday that is Valentine's Day....more

Happy Valentine’s Day? (i.e. Thanks anyway, Pinterest)

http://leahmarie-unpunctuated.blogspot.com/  So, this morning when I realized it was Valentine’s Day, I realized this would be like the third year in a row that I did nothing fun to prepare for the day.  Its not like its my favorite holiday or anything, but I certainly don’t hate it.  What I DO love is to celebrate holidays—no matter what they are....more

Another Valentine's Day Meal Suggestion

If you aren't quite saturated with Valentine's Day meal suggestions, I give you the pan-seared rib eye.You could head to a local steakhouse, wait two hours for a table and pay $80 for a steak dinner on Valentine's Day just for the "experience" (and what an experience it is, when you both get home at midnight on a work day, tired, tipsy and broke) - or, you could enjoy one at home and impress your lov-ah all with an outstanding pan-seared rib eye. Serve with whatever steak house sides you like, and set the DVR for Teen Mom 2; I know it's the finale, but you can watch it tomorrow....more

What Does This Holiday With Reds And Pinks And Heart Mean To YOU?

Here in "Da Boot", Valentine's Day gets shoved out of the way a bit, due to our statewide holiday...Mardi Gras.  While other areas are inundated with pinks and reds and school children cutting out paper hearts and purchasing candy, Louisiana is covered in purple, green and gold with our residents consuming King Cakes as quickly as they are placed on the shelf.  However, just like other women around the country, we women of the south are not about to forget about this holiday of love...so what's it all about and what does it mean to you? ...more

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

February is upon us and I started thinking of yummy recipes I could make and just decided I should just start making some. Ryan and I are coffee drinkers. Besides having coffee with breakfast, I usually like it in the evenings with some kind of crunchy sweet item. I found myself surprised when I realized that one of my favorite crunchy cookies happen to be biscotti....more

Who Do You Love???

Valentine’s Day has just passed and for many people love is in the air. For others it was just another day. Some people really dislike the holiday claiming it is too commercial. I happen to like Valentine’s Day....more

George and Pearl; A true love story for Valentine's Day

Luanne StevensonArticle first published as One True Love Story for Valentine's Day on Blogcritics....more

What Have You Done For A Happy Valentines Day?

We have been together for 12 Valentine's Days now. The idea is my spouse has even years and I have odd years to plan our Valentine's Day celabration. We started with dinner out, then dinner in, concerts, plays and moved to trips out of town to the big city for a Broadway Production and last year we went on a weekend trip to a country Bed and Breakfast. We enjoyed them all, each one trying to be better than the last....more