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10 Valentine’s Day Romance Tips I WON'T Be Taking, Thanks

I love love. I also happen to love Valentine’s Day, which opens me up to ridicule every single year from beloved friends and family, who totally don’t know how to get on board with celebrating every holiday to the max. CB: I don’t understand why on earth you like this made-up holiday. Me: I love love and I’m impervious to your judgment. Me: It’s Valentine’s Day Week! CB: Seriously? You’ve turned the one day into an entire week? Me: Um yes. Have we met? This is how I roll. I love love. ...more
I suggest a Valentine's Day wax. Take it all off and give you both a treat... We have a ...more

Celebrating Valentine's Day

The countdown is on, officially 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day! Guys, don’t forget to make that dinner reservation and order those flowers.  (That’s your hint, husband of mine).  Girls, you should pick up a small token for the guys. Something simple like his favorite candy or baked good will do.  After all, this is a day of love for everyone!...more

Happy Valentines Day Friends!

May all your days be filled with love!  Happy Valentines Day my BlogHer friends!  ...more @HomeRearedChef last time i tried to dry a rose it got moldy. haha!more